Baby Shower Fun

Sorry I have been MIA again. It’s been a pretty busy week with school holidays and quite a few events – which I fully intended blogging about. HOWEVER, the memory on my main computer is full, which means I can’t get to all my photos. Hoping Kevin can fix something up sooner rather than later.

Luckily I had some photos still on my camera from my CousinĀ  Tara’s baby shower.


When we arrived we were given a glass to use with our name on it – what a sweet, and clever, idea. We were also given a dummy (pacifer) necklace and if you said the word baby someone would take it off you (most necklaces at the end of the day won a prize).


It’s been over 10 years since I last went to a baby shower so there were lots of new, fun games. Like whos water will break first? See the baby in the ice cube?


And drawing a picture of Tara’s baby – with the paper on your head! I think I did really good job.


And the grossest of all – identifying the chocolate in each nappy (diaper). It was just so wrong :-).


Tara’s friends really went all out and there was lots of yummy eats throughout the afternoon with the highlights being cake pops (which I’d never had before)…


and these fruit wands….


It was a really lovely afternoon and I look forward to meeting my second cousin sometime in August.

3 thoughts on “Baby Shower Fun

  1. Would love someone to throw me a baby shower like this. But they’re not all that popular over this way. I think I’ve been to 1 and that was a Tupperware party rather than a “baby shower” per se (just that the mum to be got the free Tupperware).

  2. That nappy smelling game does look rather suspicious:) Baby showers can be a lot of fun these days, so much different to what mine was like almost 13 years ago now. Have a great week Libby.

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