The Week That Was

It seems I can get to most of my instagram photos and those that I had already uploaded to flickr. So here’s a recap of the week that was.

It was the week of swims at the lake since the water was so clean…..

IMG_2474.jpg IMG_2485.jpg

and the week Amy spent a day in town with her friends – shopping and seeing Brave (again)….


It was the week Bailey and I enjoyed a nice sunset while waiting to pick up Amy….

IMG_2467.jpg IMG_2465.JPG

and the week I had fun playing with instagram to make a new profile photo….

IMG_2505.JPG IMG_2507.JPG

It was the week teenagers took over my kitchen….


when Amy had a group of friends over for the day…


It was the week of a trip to Amy’s neurologist to have the lump in her eye checked – all is good. Not sure if I’ve updated here but her vision is almost back to normal.


It was the week we visited IKEA, where we had lunch….


and marveled at how low the planes fly over the carpark on the way into Sydney airport….


It was the week Amy & I saw Snow White and the Huntsman, while Christy and Nan saw Ice Age 3…..


It was the week of a visit to lush…


and the purchase of some yummy German pastries…


It was the week of notes by Christy….


And the week Christy set my computer to showcase my favourite pins from pinterest…..


It was the week Christy visited the dentist and we found out she’ll need braces in 12 – 18 months…..


and the week of visit from Leanne & her girls and a belated birthday present exchange…. Wasn’t I spoiled? I love it all so much…..


And it was the week of driving to Olympic Park on both Sat, with my Mum, for Tara’s baby shower….


and again on Sunday to visit the Aquatic Center with the Powells…. where the kids and Dad’s had lots of the fun in the water, and Leanne & I chatted….


6 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. Looks like it was a fun week! Your house looks a lot like mine with kids all over the couch. I love it! Poor Christy – it seems most children need braces these days. My daughter had perfectly straight teeth – except one baby tooth that hadn’t fallen out. After surgery followed by braces her smile is great, but it killed me to get braces for ONE tooth (had we not done it though she would have problems with that tooth when she became an adult).

  2. Love the note from Christy – sweet girl! I’m glad it was the dogs swimming, I thought it was YOU for a moment 🙂

  3. Looks like a great week, I love the Instagram effects. The pool looks like lots of fun. Clever Christy for creating the new wallpaper for you.

  4. It looks like you had a great week. You got some lovely goodies for your birthday, I love that pretty bowl. That’s great news about Amy’s eyesight too I bet you’re all grateful to hear that things are going back to normal.

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