The week that was

It was the second week of the school holidays, but a much quieter one than last week. I continued enjoying the lack of routine and having the girls at home.

It was the week I was stopped for a random breath test…..



and the week Kevin bought Christy a (toy) radar gun…. can you guess who wants to be a police woman?…..


It was the week I took Christy for a horse ride….


and the week of another shopping with Amy where we discovered another jewellery shop….


and I came home with a few more goodies…


It was the week the girls spent time playing on their computers together…


and the week of brightly coloured nails…

IMG_3337.JPG IMG_3365.JPG

It was the week I finally got the two bags I ordered with my birthday morning (for less than the price of the one fossil bag I had been looking at)….


It was the week I spent the weekend fighting off a sinus infection… grateful I had the tour de france to watch on TV (I tape the live telecast and watch the next day)….


and Kevin spent a number of hours trying to fix my main computer, and then my laptop….


And it was the week of sleepy pups…


IMG_2589.jpg IMG_3404.JPG IMG_3400.JPG


  1. Jackie says:

    Wished I had taped the Tour De France and watched it the next day. I’m so tired I’ve been sitting up until 2am lol I’m actually glad it’s a rest day tonight and the scary thing is the Olympics are straight on after,it’s going to be weeks until I go to bed early. I enjoy every minute of it lol

  2. Catherine says:

    The school holidays were really nice to have weren’t they. I really loved having the girls home and no routine. Your dogs must the be happiest dogs I’ve seen, they are lovely. I hope you are enjoying your new week.

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