The week that was

Still having fun and games with my photos but I think it’s finally fixed. Sorry this is late AGAIN.

It was the week the girls went back to school… and the week Christy was off sick for two days.

It was the week I battled a sinus infection and spent most of my time on the couch watching the Tour de France (I’d record it and watch the next day)….


Luckily enough I was well enough to attend Christy’s school athletics carnival….

and soak up some ray….


It was the week I finally felt better by the weekend and was able to take the dogs on a walk…. and got caught in the rain…


and it was the week leaves continued to fall from the ornamental pear trees….


It was the week of playing on the computer¬† (when not watching the tour) and drinking lots of tea…


and it was the week Kevin and Christy played some world of warcraft together….


It was the week of a new video camera (ready for our upcoming trips)….


and the subsequent painfully/ridiculously slow uploading of a YouTube video….


It was the week Kevin bought home 4 of the cutest cupcakes…. one of which I thoroughly enjoyed after a week of healthy eating….


and it was the week I discovered a fantastic “new to me” green tea… it’s in bags, but otherwise it’s perfect….


It was the week Kevin bought a doggie door… that neither dog could fit through….. it was so funny…. he ordered online but the box show a photo of a beagle… Rosie could get her head through but that was it….


It was the week of cuddles with Kevin… Bailey…


and Rosie….


and it was the week of some time enjoyed outside as we dream of Spring….