Celebrating the Olympics

It’s become our custom to celebrate the opening of the Olympics with a themed meal from the host country. Being that we love British food we were excited for the opening ceremony. Since it started here at 6am we decided to tape it and watch at the more civilized hour of 10.30am – perfect for a very British morning tea.


We had homemade scones with jam & cream, Walkers Shortbread and Milky Stars (we discovered these in the UK & can now buy them here).


The girls and I settled down to watch. Unfortunately Kevin had to go out.


While we watched we played bingo.


I loved the whole ceremony – especially how the arena was transformed from farmland to the Industrial Era. James Bond was cool too but my fav. part was Mr Bean. Did so not expect it. Bailey kept wondering why I was laughing so hard.


The girls had friends over in the afternoon so we only got up to after the teams came in. When Kevin got home we had our British dinner – homemade Yorkshire pudding, mashed potatos, beef quorn fillet, corn and gravy.

IMG_3437.JPG IMG_3438.JPG

After dinner we actually watched the first part of the opening ceremony (again) with Kevin. Unfortunately the TV did not record the lighting of the cauldron so we’re going to watch that tonight (I recorded it again).

6 thoughts on “Celebrating the Olympics

  1. What a great idea Libby. I didn’t see all of the opening ceremony but enjoyed what I saw. I’m sitting here watching the women’s road race and listening to the ABC radio

  2. You are such a fun person! Your food looks wonderful and I love the BINGO cards! Where did you find them? Love it all! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Love your themed celebration, especially the bingo cards – that’s a hoot! Did you manage to complete the card? Rowan Atkinson had me laughing too.

  4. That is such a great idea Libby. I think I will do that next time. Did you make that Bingo card? Maybe we will play bingo during the closing ceremonies.

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