The week that was

It was the week that was crazily busy… which I’m not used to…. and just a few hours a days of watching the Olympics. Favourites to watch – the cycling road races and weight lifting!!!

It was the week of anticipating Spring….the days have been lovely but the nights still very cold….

IMG_3556.JPG IMG_3572.JPG

It was the week of whispy white clouds…

IMG_2738.jpg IMG_2737.jpg

and it was the week of not one, but two visits to the vets…


The first time Bailey had eaten something and couldn’t stop vomiting so he had to stay overnight. Then a few days later Kevin & I took them both in for a diagnosis of staphylococcal dermatitis. Bailey’s was worse and he’s now on anti-biotics. Poor fella. He’s still not quite back to his normal playful self.


It was also the week of 2 visits to the school for Education week….I got to see Christy at work in her class…

IMG_3558.JPG IMG_3564.JPG

and in a school performance…


It was the week I received my very first gold medal…


from Christy….


And it was the week I FINALLY found a wonderful new hairdresser…..before…

IMG_3533.jpg IMG_3539.JPG

and after….if you’re after a great hairdresser in Dapto (and don’t mind a male) I totally recommend Chris at  Revive hair….


It was the week of visitors from school….


and the week Christy drew this picture of her bedroom….love the horse calender…


Lastly it was the week of a funny puppy (before he got sick)….

IMG_3530.JPG IMG_2713.jpg IMG_2704.JPG

and the week of a sleeping Rosie…..using my pillow pet….


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  1. Libby your hair looks fantastic, yep a good hairdresser is gold never let them go lol. Hope your doggy is on the mend. The girls dress poor Milly up in all types of clothes it’s hilarious

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