Weekend in Sydney Part 2

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Unfortunately when I woke up this morning I was feeling pretty poorly. Can only think it was from dinner last night. When I’m eating really well it doesn’t seem to take much to trigger an arthritis flair. Luckily I managed to get showered, dressed and feel somewhat better around 10am, and we headed out.


It was super cold out but luckily it wasn’t raining. Love walking through the city when it’s quiet and seeing all the lovely old buildings.


Our first stop was at Haigh’s where we bought some chocolate gifts and few things for ourselves.


The beautiful Strand Arcade….


We were excited to check out Westfield Centerpoint which has had a major renovation since we were last here. It’s really gorgeous now (though is mainly full of designer clothing stores) and the whole mall is looking fabulous.


Kevin had to visit the Nespresso store and was happy to get a small sample coffee.


I love to check out the David Jones Food Hall but I didn’t find anything that wonderful this time – except for our fav. bonesucking sauce – which we figured would be too heavy to carry around.


Kevin, however, spotted the chocolate strawberries and HAD to buy one.


I’m sure it tasted great but I think $3 for a choc strawberry is a little ridiculous.


We then headed over the Queen Victoria Building – which is just gorgeous.



I always love to visit Paws a while and picked up a cute mug.


We walking past the clock just on 12pm so got to see the little show – which was nothing much to see.


You know you’re in a posh shopping center when they have their own pianist.


Kevin spotted this sign and decided yum cha would be good for lunch.


It actually didn’t work out that well but I did enjoy these dumplings.


A short time later we got a boost juice. I was very adventurous and chose a new (to-me) drink. It was delicious.


Kevin got to put his feet up for a bit (in these very strange seats) while I went to check out Sussan’s (my favourite clothing store).


We then walked back to our hotel.


With one final stop….. for cupcakes.


I was so happy to see this sign (esp. after this morning).


We bought 6 mini cupcakes to share and another 12 mini’s to take home.


Back in our room Kevin had a nap and I had a tea in my new mug (can you see why we had to buy it :-)) and caught up a bit with blog reading (I’m so behind due to the Olympics).


At 6pm it was time to get dressed and head back into town (in the drizzle) to the State Theatre.


But first we had to get some dinner. Mexican tonight.


The whole things was great but the tortilla was to-die for.


Then back to the theatre. The State Theatre, which opened in 1927, is probably the best in Sydney. It’s so gorgeous. I’d love to do a tour one day.

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Finally it was time to see Sir David Attenborough. The “show” was done really well with him being interviewed by Ray Martin, with big video screens behind. We were actually given this tickets (it’s a long story) by one of Kevin’s mates so it was a real treat, esp. being that it’s a once in lifetime opportunity. He’s just amazing for 86! Such an amazing life he’s had.


6 thoughts on “Weekend in Sydney Part 2

  1. What an amazing experience Libby, he’s wonderful . Would love to spend a weekend in Sydney it’s been years since Ive been there.

  2. Libby, I was in the Nespresso store (buying $100 worth of overpriced coffee pods) the day before! how funny if I’d have spotted you both there 🙂

    Read ‘Life on Air’ if you want to immerse yourself in David Attenborough. fabulous read 🙂

  3. It is funny how differently we see the city. I worked next door to the Strand for years and used to walk though it every morning and evening but never paid any attention to the building. Actually I never really noticed any of the old buildings in the city or the shops around. Sadly I guess alot of people who work in the city are the same. I do remember Haighs though 🙂

  4. What a great weekend you guys had! I always wondered what Sydney looked like. And I agree – $3 for a strawberry is ridiculous! But I bet it tasted wonderful.

  5. What a great weekend! We’ve stayed at the Amora too, it’s a great hotel in a good position. Neil always makes a beeline for the choc-covered strawberries at DJs too! $3 is ridiculous, I agree!

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