A day in my life – 15th August, 2012

Goodness me I can’t believe we’re half-way through August already. That’s crazy! I woke about 6.30am which was a bit of sleep in for me. I had a tea and laptop time. Kevin and Amy left. I headed upstairs to shower and get dressed. Unfortunately I’m in the midst of an arthritis flair so everything gets done more slowly than normal.


I woke Christy up but she wasn’t feeling well and was staying home again (she had yesterday off as well). I wrote up todays to-do list.


I didn’t have time for breakfast so just had a perfect fit shake.


I made Christy some toast for breakfast. She was playing a word game.


At 8.15 Mum came over and I collected my basket for the uniforms shop.


It was pretty quiet today so we left just after 9am.


Back home I had my breakfast – English muffin with tomato sauce and cheese. Plus a green tea.


Then it was time to head out again for Christy’s doctors appointment.


It ended up being a LONG wait of over 40 minutes. Christy had no games on her i-pod so had to resort to looking through a Nat Geo magazine.


Afterwards we went to the chemist and I came away with a few goodies. Love these gardening gloves – I’ve had this brand before and they are great. Not too long till we plant our veggie garden.


Back home I visited Mum for a bit and collected a parcel that had been delivered while we were out. Then I discovered my boy had been a little bit naughty.


I tried on the new clothes I had ordered from Ezibuy. Need to swap a few sizes and return a pair of trousers, otherwise I’m very happy with what I got.


The dogs chose to lie in a very awkward position (for me).


Time for lunch. Today I had leftover country grain casserole.


I was still in a lot of a pain so had a bit of rest until 2pm when I had to go get some groceries.


I’d been putting it off since Monday due to pain. Luckily it wasn’t too big a shop.


I had time to go and get chai lattes for Amy and me….


before collecting her off the bus.


Back home I put away the fridge/freezer stuff and the fruit and veg.

IMG_3771.jpg IMG_3786.JPG

Then went outside to feed the chickens and collect their eggs.


The fence broke on the weekend while we were away. Luckily the neighbours barricaded it up somewhat as they have 2 little dogs (and we have 9 chickens).


Bailey likes to visit with the chickens and today decided to have some of their water. The medicine they are on makes them incredibly thirsty.


Time to get the kitchen back in shape.


And make a quick easy dinner as my legs and arms were killing me. We had a crispy quorn fillect, sweet potato, corn and asparagus & brocollini.


Later on while watching a show about the Black Death (as you do) we enjoyed some popcorn. We then watched the rest of the closing Olympics ceremony (our original recording only got the first hour!!!!)


For some reason Rosie decided Kevin’s legs were a good place to hang out tonight.

IMG_3792.JPG IMG_3795.JPG

I put Christy to bed at 9pm and the rest of us stayed up till 10pm watching the closing ceremony. Can’t believe it’s all over, though I still have the mountain biking to watch.

3 thoughts on “A day in my life – 15th August, 2012

  1. You are lucky to have your Mum mind Christy when she is sick. I missed having my Mum about to help me when we moved to Australia. I nearly bought some gardening gloves today that looked exactly like that. Not sure of the brand though so they may have been different. Lovely to see your chookies 🙂

  2. Hope your puppies are getting better – and you! Is it the cold weather that makes it worse for you? I hope it eases soon.

  3. Hi Libby, I love reading your blog and seeing all that you, your family and the dogs get up to 🙂 Can you tell me where you got the blender bottle from. I can’t seem to find one in Australia, only in the states 🙁

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