The week that was


It was the week of lovely walks by¬† the lake…


and the week I was able to wear to wear a t-shirt on a few walks…


It was the week the dogs were NOT allowed to swim in the lake…


and the week Christy came along on the weekend….


It was the week of an arthritis flare, one good day, and then the first signs of a sinus infection (luckily I seem to have it under control)…. I also had Christy off sick for a few days and Amy got sick on Sunday….


and it was the week enough leaves have fallen….


that we can now see the birds nest where I watched the doves fly in and out of last Summer….


It was the week of sudden bursts of rain and rather a lot of wind and the week of bright blue skies….


It was the week Kevin installed another (small) clothes line for me….


and the week I picked all the lemons off the tree….. anyone got any great ideas on how to use these up (I already have juice in the freezer from last year) ?


It was the week Amy had a friend to sleep over…


and the week the girls participated in the 40 hour famine and ate lots of barley sugar…


And it was the week Amy made these lovely cupcakes…. to share with friends at school…. but we got one each to enjoy…


3 thoughts on “The week that was

  1. Do you live near a retirement home? I would make up little packs of lemons and fresh eggs and deliver them to some of the residents.

  2. oh lots of lovely lemons! I can only think of Lemon Yoghurt Cake or Lemon Polenta Cake, or a Lemon Slice? Not at all healthy though. Or maybe make up some fresh lemonade?

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