A day in my Life – 31st August, 2012

There is no way it can be the end of August already. I really have no idea what happened to this month.

I woke about 5.45am and let the dogs out. Some mornings Bailey likes to hang outside for a bit. But I usually call him when my tea is ready or else he’ll decide it’s time to come in just I sit down with the laptop and get all comfy.


Kevin joined us for a bit until it was time for him and Amy to head off.


I went upstairs to get dressed and make my bed.  Back downstairs Christy fed the birds and we had breakfast.


I couldn’t decide what to have. I got sick mid-workout yesterday and I think it was having breakfast too close to working out. So I just had a Chobani yoghurt – actually I only ate half.


I got the clothes hung out. It’s quite windy today so everything had to be pegged on.


The pups and I then walked Christy to school. It was nice and sunny but the wind was rather chilly.

IMG_2961.JPG IMG_2964.jpg

Back home I got on with today’s workout by Valerie Waters.

IMG_3956.JPG IMG_3957.JPG

Came out to find the pups like this.


Then time to shower and get dressed. No make-up today as I’m only out to the vets.


Before leaving I made a green smoothie and added in the rest of Chobani. Bailey always insists on licking the container.


I had planned to only take Rosie but Bailey was not impressed so I took him along for the ride. First stop was the Salvation Army to drop off some donations.


The pups were excited when we arrived at the vets. So much so that Bailey tried to climb out the window (to come with us) so I had to put it half up.


Rosie’s tummy was a bit swollen and Kevin wanted me to get it checked out. Turns out to be fluid retention for the medicine she was on. She had gone from 27kg to 29kg in just 3 weeks!!! No treatment which is good.


Time to head back home.



I prepared a snack….


and started on sorting some old paperwork piles. And yep, that photo is a very young Kevin.


This is my view from the desk.


Unfortunately I didn’t get too far into it before I had a phone call from Christy’s school that she was unwell and wanted to come home, so I went to pick her up.


Came home and made a falafel salad for lunch.


I got a text from Amy to pick her up from the mall so I got to work on preparing the banking for the school uniform shop. I left Christy playing on her laptop.


I met Amy and did the banking, before visitint Big W and Coles – for yet more groceries.


Luckily I had bought in the washing before heading out…


as it started raining just as we arrived home.


I had to rearange the fridge to fit everything in.


Then prepared an afternoon snack of an apple and mandarin.


At 5pm I headed upstairs. It was certainly was a yucky end to Winter. A little different to the view from my desk just a few hours earlier.


An early bath time with a 1/2 lush egg.


which made for a yellow bath (not the best colour), which I enjoyed while watching YouTube.


Into my PJs and I complete my evening skin care routine.


Then back into the kitchen to prepare some overnight oats.


and make dinner. The girls are at Nan’s (being Friday night) and Kevin is having leftovers.


So I had a very healthy meal of quinoa, stirfried veggies with some quorn fillets. Yum! I’m just so in love with brussel sprouts at the moment.


Kevin and I then settled down to watch a few episodes of Breaking Bad, which we’ve just started watching. Later I enjoyed the second half of this little rocky road bar, which I’d had a craving for thanks to Lisa. I’m sure it wasn’t as good as her homemade one but at least this only had 2 serves :-). I’m thinking Rosie might have wanted some.


About 9.30pm we headed up to bed and I read some blogs before going to sleep. I need to find a good book to read.

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  1. I’m a bit nuts about brussel sprouts too atm.

    Libby, you look really beautiful without makeup – you skin looks fab!

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