Christy’s 11th Birthday Party

We celebrated Christy’s 11th birthday at the local roller skating rink.


She had her 3 best friends so she was happy.


Afterwards we came back to our place for party food. Amy did ALL of the food preparation.


Including making the birthday cake.


IMG_4080.jpg  IMG_4077.JPG

Amy also entertained the girls with various games. She was one amazing party organiser, especially considering she was sick during the week.


Christy got some lovely presents.


and had a great time hanging out with her friends.


Her best friend from school stayed for a sleepover so it was a real weekend celebration.

4 thoughts on “Christy’s 11th Birthday Party

  1. Happy Birthday to Christy, looks like she had a fantastic time. Im so impressed with Amy, she did a great job and the cake looked fantastic. Well done Amy

  2. Happy birthday to your gorgeous girl. It looks like she had a great time celebrating with her friends and she did a great job with all of the preparations, I think I need her to come and help me next time I need to plan a party:)

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