A day in my life – 30th September

How it can be the end of September I have no idea! It’s just 8 weeks now till our Disneyworld trip – that’s crazy. After our day at the theatre yesterday we had a lazy, and I mean LAZY, day on Sunday.

I still woke up early though, around 5.30am I think. That’s when the sun is up at the moment (next week we move to daylight savings time). It’s been cool again so it’s back into my Winter dressing gown.


Spent the morning watching YouTube and enjoying a cup, or two, or tea.


Eventually Kevin came down and joined me.


Later I made us breakfast – cheese and hummus quesadillas.


Kevin joined the girls in the scrapbook room to play World of Warcraft. Which is what the 3 of them did pretty much all day.


I headed upstairs to make the bed and have a shower. Dressed for a lazy day at home.


I watered the veggie garden.


And hung out the washing.


And made some pikelets for morning tea.


Then it was onto planning our Disneyworld trip – which is what I did for most of this lazy Sunday.

Lunch was leftovers from last night.


Which Kevin and I enjoyed while taking a break from our computers. We watched a few episodes of RBT.


Then back to planning.


As the day drew to a close I collected the chickens eggs. We got home after dark yesterday so this was 2 days worth. As you can see I also threw them some old bread.


I also bought the washing in and started dinner for the dogs.


It was just Kevin and I tonight as the girls were having dinner at Nan & Pop’s (and Amy is sleeping over). Kevin still had leftovers to eat so I just made myself some brown rice, mexe-beans and cheese, topped with lettuce and sour cream. So easy and so yummy.


To end our “busy” day we watched a few episodes of Breaking Bad. We are really loving this show. We headed to bed around 9pm and I read a few pages before almost dropping my kindle on my face, which meant it was time to go to sleep.


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  1. I love lazy days! Great for recharging the batteries. Who do you watch on You Tube? Oh Disney Planning – so much fun!

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