A trip to the theatre

On Saturday we headed up to Sydney to see Legally Blond the Musical.


We arrived at the Star Casino around 12pm. Nice and early – so we didn’t end up rushed like our last time here.


A quick stop for some blurry photos …. courtesy of Amy….


and my i-phone…


After looking at our lunch options we decided on lebanese.


We got 2 veggie plates to share and some lebanese bread (which was amazing).


We had a wonder around then headed to the theater to see Legally Blond.

IMG_4225.jpg IMG_4226.jpg

We all really enjoyed it. Such a bright and bubbly show. If you liked the movie, you will love the musical.

Of course, Christy had to buy her own Bruiser in a bag :-).


Then on the way home we were treated to a lovely sunset.


3 thoughts on “A trip to the theatre

  1. OMG Lib, when did you go to Legally Blonde? Leanne and I were there for the Saturday 2pm show. We loved it too. Noel and David came with us but not to the show. They watched the AFL grand final in the casino.

  2. Oh I just read you were there on Saturday and arrived at 12pm so does that mean you went to the 2pm show? If so we were there also. We were upstairs.

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