The Week That Was

It was the week of pelicans flying high above our house….


and the week of morning walks…. trying to beat the heat on a few of the hot days.


It was the week of school holidays and 12 teenagers over for the day….. lots of noise and lots of food eaten and lot of fun had…


and it was the week of fondue at Max Brenner with Amy and her friend Harriet…


It was the week the new World of Warcraft was released and I let them eat dinner while playing… while I enjoyed having the TV to myself and having an America’s Next Top Model marathon….


And it was the week my Mum bought me this gorgeous bunch of flowers….

IMG_4202.JPG IMG_4203.JPG

Aren’t they stunning?


It was the week I treated myself to a magazine and few books….


And it was the week I came across this beautiful Bottlebrush on a walk…


They are normally red but this one was pink…. so pretty…


It was the week we went to see Legally Blond the musical….


And it was the week of purple nails….


and silver nails for the theatre…


It was the week of cute Rosie…


and Bailey…


And new toys for the puppies…


4 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. What a lovely week. Were all three of them playing the game lol. I love the pink bottlebrush i used to have a couple in my yard they are gorgeous.

  2. It sounds like it would have been a very busy day with a house full of teenagers but it is a great age since they are so good at occupying themselves:) What a beautiful bunch of flowers your Mum bought for you, it’s lovely having pretty flowers in the house and to have special Mum’s in your life. Have a great week Libby with your girls.

  3. what a great week! I am hoping Legally Blonde comes to Melbourne, would love to see it. And yay for flowers, how lovely!

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