The Week That Was

It was the week that started off with a Public Holiday and another visit to Max Brennar Chocolate shop…this time with the family…

IMG_4254.JPG IMG_4255.jpg

I had the strawberries….


while Kevin opted for banana crepes….


It was the week for a play….


and the week we were amazed to find all these Halloween decorations. Unfortunately most were on the cheap & nasty or scary side but we picked up a few things…..


It was the week we started our Halloween countdown that Christy made….


and the week the girls worked on a craft project together….


It was the week Christy fell off her scooter and grazed her face and shoulder….


and it was the week of lots of time spent with her best friend….with sleepovers and roller skating, and lizards….


It was the week of early morning walks on a couple of stinking hot days….


and the week I spent time working on our travel plans….


It was the week of relaxing by the pool after giving the outdoor area a THOROUGH clean…and the week I enjoyed my first swim of the season….


It was the week basketball started again….


and the week the Hawks won their first game of the season….


It was the week we decorated the house for Halloween…


and the week I accidently co-ordinated with the decorations…


It was the week I received this cute reminder from the vets…. and thought the Goldie looked a lot like Rosie….


and it was the week of fun day out shopping with Amy….where we saw the cute Disney range at Peter Alexander….


And it was the week I took this photo of the girls walking along chatting about a book they are both reading….


3 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. haha, chocolate, swimming, sunshine, friends n family.. what’s not to like about that week, Libby?

    oh, and new jammies 🙂

  2. What a great week! The weather was nice for us too, a nice sneak peek into summer. I wish I could have Max Brenner, it always looks so yummy.

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