Family Fun Day – Dog beach, lunch out and bowling


Amy was supposed to be going to a pool party on Saturday, and we’d planned to visit the dog beach after dropping her off. The party was cancelled due to all the rain we had on Friday but we still headed to the beach. The pups were SOOO excited.


Since it was too cold for the girls to swim we went for a walk and explored the rocks.

IMG_3289.jpg IMG_3303.jpg IMG_3308.JPG IMG_3313.jpg

The girls found this baby shark. So sad. We guess it got washed ashore with the wild weather we had yesterday.


After the beach we went via the dog wash to clean the dogs. Then dropped them home before heading down the coast to Gerringong.


Where we had lunch at our favourite vegetarian cafe, Perfect Break. Amy was with us too but never wants to be in photos these days :-(.

IMG_3321.JPG IMG_4319.JPG

I had a very yummy high-protein vegetable burger. Barely made it through half though as it was HUGE!


Next up….time to don “those” shoes. Hmmm…. with my mismatched socks I’ve really got the whole clown look going :-).


We enjoyed our game. Shame it’s so expensive.

IMG_4329.JPG IMG_4330.JPG

Hmm… looks like I was the biggest loser…. The girls had fun choosing their names.

IMG_4331.JPG IMG_4332.JPG

Amy had a “teenager” moment towards the end of bowling but otherwise we had a great day out.

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  1. It looks like a lovely place to visit! I hope Amy comes back to the photos soon – I miss her smiling face!

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