A day in my life – Monday 15th October

Kevin had to get up early at 4am but luckily enough I managed to get back to sleep until around 6am.


Eventually I got up and made a cup tea.


Then at 7.20am I got dressed and drove Amy up to the bus stop. Came home and striped the bed to wash the sheets.


Bailey likes to roll on them, trying to get our smells on him. Too strange.


Christy was home sick so I spent time tidying the house.


And got the dishwasher unpacked and repacked. As you can see there was quite a bit waiting to go on so I actually put the load on already.


Time for some breakfast and my medication.


I then hung out the sheets. And even though it was already hot (finally) the dogs chose the lie in the sun.


While outside I watered the veggie garden.


and thought how much I might enjoy a swim later (never happened).


Time to take the dogs for a walk before it gets too hot.


I managed to caputre this gorgeous bird just as it took off.


Back home and on with more chores. I emptied and cleaned the bins.


And watered the front pot plants.


And emptied the dishwasher…again…


I got a call from Mum to come and help them get the caravan through the front gates. When I got back the dogs were barking at the gate.


Time to have a green smoothie and sit outside with my feet up for a bit. Even though it was hot we seemed to have a nice breeze through the house.


We were out of bread so I headed down to the bakery, with my mate.


All stocked up now.


Christy got to work making herself some lunch.


And I prepared a salad with some leftover rice salad and mexe-beans. Yum.


I then played around on my laptop for a while and got quite excited when I saw our disneyworld ticker. The weeks are going by so fast.


I relaxed for a bit and wanted to get up, but Rosie was all settled beside me.


Eventually she moved and I was free to get up. Time for another tea and some dark chocolate.


I then bought in the sheets and went and made up the bed.


Amy arrived home and I watched YouTube while doing the ironing.


When Kevin got home he had a couple of parcels for me. Our Disneyworld photopass…


and a big stack of magazines….which get delivered to our US Postal address.


Time to collect the chicken eggs and take them some food.


Dinner was a really easy one tonight. A quorn fillet, potato, corn and some green veggies (not photographed).


Then I had to get changed….


and head out to the school P&C meeting.


Luckily it didn’t go too late tonight and Kevin & Amy were just heading to bed when I got back at 9pm.  I made a cup of tea to enjoy with a chia fruit roll.


I was naughty and had this in bed. It was still warm so the pups were sleeping on the cold bathroom tiles.


I read till about 10pm, enjoying my nice freshly made bed.


5 thoughts on “A day in my life – Monday 15th October

  1. At first I thought “what a strange loaf of bread”, then I realise it was actually 2 loaves! Funny about your pups on the tiles. I recall when we first moved to Australia in January 2002 and the heat was unbearable for us (had no air con either) and we used to lay on the laundry floor to keep cool! It looks like you had a nice day (apart from a sick Christy!)

  2. Looks like you had a busy day. Your salad looked really yummy. Lucky you having a warm day, I really wish it would hurry up and warm up here! Although I will probably be complaining soon that it is too hot! BJ loves laying on the bathroom tiles when it is hot as well…smart dogs. Would like to know how a US postbox works too. Have a great weekend!

  3. It’s either a great or an intermediate egret. If the black at it’s eye extends beyond the eye, it’s a great egret. Beautiful bird!

  4. I chanced upon your website a couple of months ago and thought it was about time I let you know how much I enjoy it. I come from the Illawarra but work overseas. It is lovely to catch a glimpse of ‘normal’. So, thank you for your lovely website.

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