Saturday morning walk

On Saturday morning it was already rather hot when we headed out on our walk at 8.30am so we took the alternate route to get some shade. There’s not much to say so I’ll just let the photos tell the story.


One day I’d love to sit here for a while and just soak in the view.

IMG_3353.jpg  IMG_3354.jpgIMG_3360.jpg IMG_3361.jpg  IMG_3350.jpg

Recently a lot of exercise equipment has been installed in this park. I haven’t used it as I always have the dogs with me, but one day I’d like to give a go. I’ve seen others using it which is good. It’s certainly what you’d call working out with a view.


We actually walked almost twice what we normally do, at a fast pace, and came back rather exhausted. But I still had enough in me to do an upper body workout :-).


Do you have a special place to walk or do some outdoor exercise?

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