The week that was

It was the week we finally had some hot, Summer-like weather. I actually spent time by and in the pool on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


And it was the week we got the veggie garden mulched…


It was the week of lots of new flowers and leaves on the trees….


and the week of buying lots of fruit and veggies….


It was the week Christy came with me to the basketball….and the Hawks won again….


It was the week of a BBQ lunch outside….


and the week I spotted these tops that Christy would love…but they only go up to size 7 :-(.


It was the week where one days walk looked like this…


and the next days looked like this…


It was the week this came via ebay….


and the week Christy has a swimming assessment.. but we couldn’t get a good time for lessons….


It was the week Christy spent many hours sewing up the dogs destroyed toys….


and the week we enjoyed Iced Chocolates for morning tea after she got her ear (yes just one) repierced after it closed up…


And it was the week of dogs sleeping on the bed…..


and Bailey getting kisses….


It’s so nice to have had some warm weather (but I type this on Monday it’s gone cold again).

How is the weather is your part of the world?


  1. Heather says:

    It’s cold, grey and miserable here today with low light levels. The kind of day that never properly gets light. I want to swim in your pool!

  2. Libby Withnall says:

    Sounds like the weather we’ve got right now. It’s really yellowy/grey outside. That eerie sky you get with rain. Oh well, at least you’ve got good snuggling with baby weather :-).

  3. Carla Lyon says:

    Here in the Pacific Northwest, USA, we are back to having pouring rain and cold temperatures, daily. But , we have had such a beautiful September and October, that we can’t complain too much. We were getting very dry and fire danger was getting a bit worrisome, as we are mostly forest land.
    Enjoy your summer! How many days until Disney?

  4. Vanessa says:

    Hi Libby,
    So much I could relate to in this post. firstly, the constantly changing weather. I’m hoping to get myself into the local pool this week to swim a few laps. i had my band undone and boy have I stacked on the weight. I love those little t-shirts too. So sad they won’t fit Rhianna. i’ve just had Rhianna reassessed for swimming and we have started lessons at a new outdoor pool. Love the Halloween nail polish and the fresh fruit and veg have inspired me to get to the greengrocer today. great post. thanks Vanessa

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