It’s party time

Last night we hosted our 7th Annual Halloween Party. As always it was fun to get dressed up. You can’t see my makeup very well behind the glasses but it was so heavy and dark I kept scaring myself when I saw my reflection.


IMG_3425.jpg IMG_3427.jpg

IMG_3429.jpg IMG_3430.jpg

The stars of the show….


Our guests were down in number this year (and Nan & Pop were away) but it was still a great night and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

IMG_4469.JPGIMG_4471.jpg IMG_4468.JPG

In addition to good company there was good food, though we had an adventure getting dinner cooked/reheated in a timely fashion.


Amy made these cute cupcakes (which actually have an orange icing)…


oreo spiders….


and Halloween truffles….


The kids all took off to do their own thing – some played, some (the teens) chatted,  and some swam, which meant us adults were left in relative peace.

IMG_4477.JPG IMG_4482.JPG  IMG_4485.JPGIMG_4488.JPG

Towards the end of the evening there was apple bobbing for the kids.


And I have to give a special thanks to Kevin and Leanne who were such a help getting all the food organised. I’m sure I would have had a meltdown without them. Oh, in case you were wondering…. Kevin is getting the very last piece of cheese out of the dish!!!


So tell me did you host or attend a Halloween Party this year?

4 thoughts on “It’s party time

  1. Hi Libby,
    We attended our first Halloween Party on Sat night. It was great fun getting dressed up. The hostess had provided great games for the kids including a coffin pinata, apple bobbing with the apples tied to the clothesline, mummy wrapping and a little treat bag for each of them. The decorations she had were fantastic. Her husband who works for Bill is American so the party was quite a big deal for him. Your party looks fab. I love the dogs costumes.

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