A Day in my Life – 1st November


I can’t tell you how excited I was to write 1st November…. beacause that means that THIS MONTH we go to DISNEYWORLD!!!!

I actually forgot it was a day in my life when I first got up around 5am but my morning was exactly the same as it always is. Dogs out, pain med taken, tea made and YouTube watched. Kevin was down about 6.30am and waited for Amy, who was still getting ready.


Rosie made herself comfortable, more-or-less on my lap.


While I tried to reduce the number of subscriptions in google reader. Now that I’m watching so much YouTube I don’t have time to read all the blogs I’d like. Sorry to all my friends whose blogs I’m behind on reading. I promise I will get to read them eventually.


At 8am I went up to check on Christy and found her asleep and feeling unwell. I left her to sleep some more, hoping she’d be feeling up to school later.


Next I went to check on Amy’s room. Can’t say I was too impressed.


10mins later it looked a lot better.


I had planned to walk the dogs but I did something to my ankle last night and didn’t want to risk aggrevating it.

Next was bath time for me and and pups, yep, we all get in together. Mainly because I have to leave on their shampoo for 10mins so I have my shower, then rinse them off. Luckily we have a big shower!


Afterwards, they look a bit skinnier, and not so impressed.


Then it’s playtime while I clean up the bathroom and get dressed.


Time for some make-up.


I went back to check on Christy but she still wasn’t feeling well. I spotted the family of blackbirds. This time  the 2 babies and both parents.


I left Christy to sleep some more and went to water the veggie garden as it’s supposed to be hot today.


Then I made my breakfast. I was excited to find these bagel thins at the shops yesterday but I didn’t read the label properly and though they were nice, I won’t be rebuying them :-(.


I made a few phone calls.


Then made some french toast for Christy who had finally come downstairs.


Time to brush the dogs. Boy, was Bailey fuffy.


And hang out todays washing, as I was watched by Lucy the Chook.


I then went to work on Project Declutter (video tomorrow). Then it was time for some lunch, trying a new mushroom burger – which was quite nice.


Bailey in his normal lunchtime position.


It was feeling a bit warm so I check the temperature and it was 32degrees so I put the air conditioner on.

Christy spent the afternoon watching a Harry Potter documentary and doing some colouring with her new pencil set.


I spent a bit of time watching YouTube and unsubscribing from some mailing lists.


Before doing a bit more work on Project Declutter. I didn’t have to pick Amy up today  as she was going to the library after school and Kevin was getting her from there.


Around 5pm I trimmed the dog foot fluff – see the difference!


And bought in the washing.


Kevin and Amy arrived home and Kevin made himself a drink.


I got the pups their dinner.


And made tacos for Amy and I. Kevin had leftover noodles and Christy made her version of nachos (which is just corn chips and cheese).


Since Kevin had already eaten, we decided to have a casual dinner on the lounge….


while watching home movies from our 2002 trip to Disneyworld.  Yep, that’s Christy and Pluto.


It was so cute watching the girls as babies/young kids.


I think we headed up to bed around 9pm after I had cleaned the kitchen. Gee, I just realized there is only just one more day in my life to write before our trip. It’s crazy how fast the time is going.


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  1. Oh my goodness Libby, I’m not sure about putting the dogs in your own shower! Seems a bit unhygienic to me!

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