A Day in my Life – 14th November, 2012

Today started VERY early when I was woken up with a nausea attack. I get them every so often as I have a hiatus hernia (which I’m having repaired in January). Even when the attack passed I still felt yuck so knew there would be no going back to sleep. So I got up and made my self a cup of tea and watched some YouTube videos (surprise, surprise).

It was actually quite nice as it was still dark enough to enjoy the Christmas lights, though was rainy and yuck outside.


The pups snoozed… as they do.


As you can see from the huge pile I’m a bit behind on the ironing. I got Amy’s shirt ironed.


then went upstairs. Amy wasn’t feeling well so was running late. Kevin played with the dogs while he waited for her.


I woke Christy up and run her a bath.


Then went and had my own shower and got ready.


Trying a new hair accessory but I don’t think I have it in right.


Downstairs to do my morning jobs and eat some breakfast (turkish bread with spreadable cheese) while getting everything done.


Mum came over and it was off to school to open the uniform shop. It was our big day for next years Kindy’s to come pick up their uniforms. You might notice I had to get changed before leaving home as it was rather chilly.


After the big rush Mum ended up going home. I had to stay until 12pm so got a few jobs done.


My snacks/drinks.


And my view.


It was so cold today. 8 degrees. 22 in Disneyworld. I know where I’d rather be.

Wishing I was there already. 15deg here at the moment

When I left the school at 12pm I headed to a local shopping center to collect my glasses. My current ones needed repairs so I left them there.


I didn’t have time for a proper lunch so I grabbed a sweet chili scroll from Bakers Delight and ate it in the car…


on the way to my beauticians, where I had a lovely facial. It was so nice to be relax (been a crazy week so far) and I even fell asleep when the face mask was on.


Even though I looked horrid I headed back to the shop to collect my glasses. I also ducked in the supermarket, marvelling at the yummy smelling summer fruits and buying my first cherries of the season.


Of course, I had to stop for an Iced Chocolate at Gloria Jeans.


Then it was time to get the kids from the bus and school. Back home Christy was kind enough to carry in my bags (without even being asked).


I cut her up some watermelon. She has two very wobbly teach and finds it hard to eat anything that isn’t soft.


I then went to collect the dogs from Nan & Pop’s and stayed for a chat, while the dogs played.


Back home and Christy was helping Shantel make a video with her dogs.


When Kevin arrived home he was kind enough to carry around a bag of chicken food, and even filled up their dish.


While I got busy finishing off the cauliflower soup I’d made.


I also got our cherries washed. Don’t they look delicious?


Time for dinner – cauiflower soup and some bread.


Then into winter jammies (as it was still cold) and onto watching a few episodes of Project Runway Australia.


I found Bailey snuggling with Christy.


After my early morning I ended up heading to bed at 8.30pm when I took Christy up to bed. I managed to read just a little before calling it quits and going to sleep.

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  1. Your doggies are so cute!

    Your Christmas tree looks beautiful, Libby! You are very organised to be able to get it done so early before your trip.

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