The Week That Was

Just a quick “week that was” rundown as I’m madly trying to get EVERYTHING done before we leave on Saturday!!!

It was the week that Christy’s new phone cover arrived…yep, she’s mad for My Little Pony….


and it was the week Kevin bought, not one, but two Christmas mugs from Gloria Jeans….


It was the week that Amy saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 with her friends the day it came it. Then I took both the girls to see it on Saturday morning. We’re all sad it’s all over.


It was the week the Powells came for a sleepover….


and it was the week of the great oil explosion. Kevin overpumped our oil bottle and it exploded all over the kitchen, his clothes, and even the roof…..


So it was the week of lots of cleaning in the kitchen…


It was the week I decluttered my wardrobe (yet again)…


ending up with two piles to donate…


It was the week of finding my beloved cannellini hummus once more in the supermarket…. but I don’t think I like it as much as my current favourite….


It was also the week of this cute label on my strawberries….


It was the week Amy & Christy made Mickey pops in the coutdown to our trip….


which I enjoyed while watching Cinderella….


It was the week the girls and I got their bags packed for the trip…


And it was the week of dogs on the couch…




7 thoughts on “The Week That Was

  1. I can’t believe your holiday is nearly here. How long are you away for? I will be following along. I’m gobsmacked Christy has a phone!!!!

  2. Kevin ends up with a lot of leftover phones from work. She actually doesn’t take it anywhere except to the park or if she’s going somewhere alone. Amy was the same until she went to high school.

  3. hi Libby,
    Love this post. can you tell me about the inserts you have in your suitcase. Are they so you don’t have to rummage through everything. We are planning a trip to the Us next year and these look perfect. can you tell me where you got them from. have a great trip. vanessa

  4. What a wonderful week! I hope you all have an AWESOME time on your trip – I cant believe how quickly it arrived 🙂

  5. Vanessa – They are pack-it cubes by Eagle Creek. I actually made a video about them when I packed for our UK trip
    I love them. Great for keeping things together and being able to see what you have. And essential I think if you’re living out of a suitcase. There are a few online stores that sell them.

  6. That looked like such a fun week! Love the GJ mugs and Christy’s new phone cover – very cute. Oh and I bought some of that dip to try, thanks for the recommendation. Have an absolute wonderful time and I am looking forward to your posts when there. Give Mickey a hug for me!

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