Day 2 : Let the magic begin

I’m not sure how we did it (esp. since I was up for a bit in the middle of the night) but we all managed to get and moving at 7am. It took us till 8.15am to get out the door and we got a little lost getting to the Magic Kingdom (MK) car park. But we a got a spot pretty close to the transport center, where we caught the ferry across to the MK (which was a rather cold way to travel).


We went through bag search, then the ticket gates, then voila….


We were already behind schedule as we’d missed the opening so we hustled on down Main Street… which looks stunning all decorated for Christmas…



passed the partners statue and through the castle into Fantasyland…


First ride of the day was Winnie the Pooh….


It’s a small world….


the tea cups (Kevin went on with me this time – he wouldn’t at Disneyland)


We picked up fast passes for Space Mountain and went to ride Buzz Lightyear (where Kevin was very relieved to beat me this time).


Time for a break at Gaston’s Tavern (in the new Fantasyland area).


Love the theming here. Just like the movie.


The snacks, which we shared, were great too.


and check out the size of Amy’s cinnamon bread…. we all about died when we saw how big it was. But it was very light and airy so most was consumed, with a bit of help from Kevin. I tried it but it was too sweet for me.


When we left we found Gaston posing for photos by his fountain. Such a character.


Next was Mickey’s Philharmagic. Then time to head to Space Mountain. Always love this ride.


We just had time for the Monster’s Inc Laugh Floor – which was cute and fun.


Sometime during the morning we had bought ourselves some ears (well, all except for Kevin).


And how cute is this?


We headed over to have lunch at the Crystal Palace.


It’s a buffet meal, with limited vegetarian choices.


But the characters more than compensate for lack of food choice.


Eeyore is most definitely a family favourite.




After meeting Pooh and his friends we enjoyed some desert.


We then headed up Main Street with the intention of heading home, but we had to stop to get our photopass sorted out and realized the parade was about to start. So the girls and I watched it while Kevin did the photopass. Don’t think he was too upset. It’s a good parade but not as good as the one at Disneyland.



IMG_4899.JPG IMG_4912.JPG

We picked up some icecreams on the way out. I only got this as I thought Christy wanted to share one. Turns out she didn’t so I ended up eating most of it. Nice but I didn’t enjoy it as much as I once did.


We caught the monorail back to the transport center, walked back to the car and headed to Best Buy. Can you guess this isn’t one of my shop selections? :-). Kevin had to buy some cables/computer stuff and we ended up getting Christy a camera (as an early Christmas present).


We then headed to Whole Foods. I was so excited to visit here and was not disappointed.


In fact I was in heaven. All this organic/natural food.


After getting our groceries we picked up dinner. Nothing like this in Australia.


I have to say we were all glad to be home as it had turned out to be a much longer day than planned. I quickly got all the groceries put away.


and we dived into our dinners. Okay, it doesn’t look terribly nice but it was so yummy.


And aren’t these the cutest bags? I might have to get some more if we visit again.


I started to upload photos but couldn’t get online. I’m pretty sure we were all fast asleep by 9.30pm, still trying to catch up on the missed sleep from the last few days.


3 thoughts on “Day 2 : Let the magic begin

  1. Everything looks so magical already 🙂 Great work on surviving the long flight (ugh) – and it looks like you brought the sunshine with you!! BLISS!

  2. Love the Mickey & Minnie hedge. You had a huge first day, Libby.

    Looks like so much fun for all of you. Hard to find a holiday sometimes that ALL the family can enjoy.

    Look forward to more updates!

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