Day 5 – Be our guest


Today it was back to the Magic Kingdom but this time we caught the monorail instead of the boat and managed to arrive in time for the opening.


We had a quick stop on Main Street for a photo.


Then it was on to our first ride of the day… the Haunted Mansion, which is always fun.


Next up was Aladin’s Magic Carpet.


Then the Jungle Cruise. Amy really enjoyed the corny jokes.


Time for some action on Big Thunder Mountain, and our first wait for the day… of about 5mins.


As you can see Chrsity really enjoyed this one.


Then it was a chance to cool down on Splash Mountain… though we only seemed to get wet bums.


By now the crowds were starting to build but we were following my plan (from Touring Plans) so were not having to wait much at all. It was on to Pirates – one of very favs.

IMG_5122.jpg DSCN0245.jpg

Next was the Tiki Room. One of those attractions you just have to visit and remember how much the girls loved it when they were younger.


After this we had a short wait to see the “How to be a Pirate” Tutorial with Captian Jack Sparrow. This guy was great and sounded just like the real thing.


I saw this sign by some bushes (I assume this is a toilet area). We’ve been amazed at how many service dogs (both big and small) we’ve seen in the parks.


All aboard for a trip around the park to Fantasyland.


and a visit to Beast’s Castle.


where we had lunch at the Be Our Guest restaurant.


The theming of this place is incredible. There was about a 30min wait to get in (you can only book for dinner and I had been unable to get a reservation as it only opened a few weeks ago), but it was well worth it.



Once you order (online) you find a table in one of the three rooms (below is the amazing ballroom) and your meal is bought to you.


We did feel there was something strange about the place, not sure if it’s just the number of tables or the fact that it’s not a traditional sit down meal (which it is at dinner). I really can’t put my finger on it but though the rooms were amazing, it was missing¬† a certain something. I ordered the Quinoa Salad for lunch, which was rather yummy. Kevin had the braised pork which he said was delicious.


For desert (the main meals are not very big) we shared two cupcakes. So cute to look at and rather delicious to eat.


The girls were a bit irritable at lunch and I was feeling a bit sore (with my arthritis – which was bothering me for the first time this trip) so we decided to do It’s a Small World together and then let the girls go off and do some more rides while we had a rest.


I enjoyed a lovely cup of tea as it had turned rather chilly. Then we had a wander through some shops, where I spotted the Dapper Dans performing on Main Street.


I then joined Kevin and Goofy and waited for the girls to meet us.


We left about 4.30pm, catching the monorail back to the carpark. I needed to get some more milk so after another visit to the supermarket (where, not surprising, we bought a lot more than milk), we got some take away from Taco Bell (the girls insisted) and we headed home.


After dinner everyone relaxed (Christy and I worked on our Smash books & I blogged) before heading to bed.

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  1. Another great post. I’ve been planning my Disneyland trip today after buying the Unofficial guide to DL. I can see that a lot of the rides there as the same as DL. How did the touring plan work out for you? We will be following one too.

  2. The rides look like lots of great fun! I was going to ask you what the weather is like, the 28 degree day the other day is not normal then?

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