Day 6 – Sea, Land and the future

After a solid 8.5 hours sleep it was on with another day of touring the parks. Today we headed to EPCOT. We’ve been having great weather (with the exception of yesterday afternoon) – around 23/24 deg (celsius), blue skies, a slight breeze, perfect for lots of walking. Today was no exception.

We had some photos taken on arrival (which was before opening again) and headed towards the iconic Spaceship Earth for a ride through information history.


Then it was on to the Living Seas (though Kevin was kind enough to go get some fastpasses for Soarin’). This was a very ride starring all the gang from Nemo.


We then saw Turtle Talk with Crush, which we all loved. It is so clever and well done.


From here we headed to the Land Pavillion and watched the Circle of Life, before waiting for our Fastpass time for Soarin’. We all love Soarin’. Such a unique ride. Christy wanted to go again but with wait times of 60mins it was not going to happen.


Instead we headed to the UK Pavilion & wandered through the shops. Amy and I got a Celtic Mickey necklace I had seen online. We also picked up some tea.


Looks like we’re in the UK… except the ears kinda give it away.


Time for lunch at the Rose & Crown. We’ve eaten here for lunch every trip so it’s a must-do for us.


I requested a table outside, which we got, and though it was a touch cool in the shade, it was worth it to sit outside by the water.


Kevin ordered himself a special drink, which came in a keepsake glass.


I was a little disappointed in my meal, which was vegetable pie. To me this was spinach quiche, and while it was lovely, it was not pie, AND I’d had the very same thing for breakfast! The sides of mashed potato and cauliflower gratin were amazing. And overall it was a very successful meal.


After lunch we split up. Christy and I went to see my very favourite celtic rock band – Off Kilter (just same as always, except all the guys are that much older) and Kevin & Amy went for a quick stroll to Germany (enjoying some crepes from France along the way).


We met back up and listened to how Canadian celebrate Christmas.


We then scored big time with the characters.



Merida… who Kevin has a crush on…. guess I’m no longer the only redhead in his life :-).


Some fairy from Tinkerbell… my girls are too old for this….


And Mulan and Shay (who we had already met earlier in the day). Christy was keen to tell them she’d been watching Mulan 2 last night.


Kevin enjoyed yet another frozen banana & we went for one last ride on Spaceship Earth. We love the film with your heads at the end. So fun. We’re not sure why Christy has a bite out of her head!


We then headed home for a break. Kevin had a nap, I wrote up part of this blog post, Amy read and had a bath and Christy went for a swim.


We had thought to go to the outlet malls but I was sore and didn’t think we really had enough time. Instead we had some microwaved Amy’s meals, watched some TV including Glee (as it actually aired) and worked on Smash books.

3 thoughts on “Day 6 – Sea, Land and the future

  1. Ok now I’m curious. How do Canadians celebrate Christmas?
    Sounds like you guys are having a great time.


  2. Hi Libby,
    I’m enjoying all your blogging and the great pictures. It looks like you are all having a great time. Thanks for sharing! I too would like to peek into your smash books. I met they are very fun to do while one is traveling.

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