Day 8 – Return to Hollywood

This morning was a leisurely one, starting at 6.30am with some computer time and breakfast (oatmeal) made by Kevin. Shortly before 10am we were informed that housekeeping was coming at 10am to clean our room so we quickly got ready for a swim, tidied up and headed to the pool.


We spent a relaxing hour floating around the lazy river and then in the hot tub. Upon our return to the room we discovered we were locked out (we assume there was a mix up because so many people check out on Saturdays). Anyway, eventually they sent someone to let us in. The worst part the room had still not been cleaned :-(. We quickly got dressed and organised and head to the Hollywood Studios.


We arrived just on 12.3opm to find the park rather crowded. And amazingly in time for our first planned attraction for the day – the Beauty and Beast Musical. Here I discovered I hadn’t packed my phone today so all plans went out the window :-).



This is a lovely musical production which we all enjoyed. Amy had planned to go ride Rock n roller coaster while we saw it but the ride broke down so she joined us afterall.


We were all getting hungry so Kevin and I shared a veggie burger from Rosie’s Diner. This was delicious.


Then it was time to check out the Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow which only opened about 2 weeks ago.


It was showing a 30min wait but was only a 5-10min wait, which was okay. It wouldn’t have been worth a 30min wait. At the end I said to Kevin that I thought it was pretty good and he said “Is that all there is?” most surprised there wasn’t more.


When we walked out we saw that Voyage of the Little Mermaid was going in so we quickly headed in for the next show. We had about a 10-15min wait again. This is a cute show with puppetry and real people.


We then went to use our fast passes for rock n roller coaster. Fun as always.


We then headed back across the park to do the Studio backlot tour. But boy have things changed. I remember this being pretty good but now it is just pretty crap. We were all rather disappointed in this and would much have done something else with our time – like the stunt show which we saw bits of while on the tour (and it was the last stunt show of the day).


The girls really wanted to go and do some more tower of terror and rock n roller coaster so we found a table and put our feet for a bit while they went of to stand in lines and do some more riding.


By the time they arrived back the sun had set (it goes down pretty fast over here) and the Osbourne Christmas lights had been turned on. We had planned time to go and see them but this was not what it had been the last time we saw them (which was 12 years admitedly) so we were disappointed once more. And just looked at and photographed them as we walked past. There used to be a street with houses all decorated (probably also part of the backlot tour I’m thinking).




The girls were both keen to meet Phineas and Ferb, so we made sure to do that before they finsihed for the day.


Time for some dinner at the Pizza Planet.



Kevin went to order and came back with a loaded tray, including the salad he tried not to get (as we knew we wouldn’t eat it). The vegetarian pizza was very yummy but a little too big (as the base was so thick).


We had planned to stay and watch Fantasmic but with the crowds we decided to do a bit of shopping and just head home to beat the rush. I’m very pleased we did as I think it would have been a nightmare at closing.

Don’t you just love this window? The legs were doing kicks. Too cute.


We ended up getting home just on 8pm so I was able to get the photos uploaded and my blog written. Christy called Mia (and was very excited to tell her all about the trip so far). We were all in bed by 10pm.

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  1. I love the look of those lights Libby. I thought they were amazing. I could not imagine them when you saw them last time. hope you are enjoying your trip.

  2. Hi Libby – enjoying these posts very much. Great to see places we went, and all the many bits we missed. Orlando is so amazingly big!

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