Day 9 – Many magical moments

We had a bit of a slower start this morning and didn’t leave until 10am, for the short drive to Downtown Disney. Unfortunately it was Sunday morning and there were rather a lot of people doing their Christmas/holiday shopping. Plus, they probably had a 20% off vochure for World of Disney like we did.

Our first stop of the day was the Christmas shop.


So pretty. This fireplace is in the store. I’ve been taking plenty of video and hope to do a series of vlogs when I get home.


In another store you can design your own t-shirt. Christy comtemplated this one….


We had a morning snack and I chose this amazing cookie to share with Christy. Mind you, I still haven’t finished it as it was so big.


We had fun with this mirror.

IMG_5672 (1).jpg

And the girls and I fell in love with Basin, a Lush like store.


Finally we went to World of Disney and managed to get some gifts to take home. The store is gorgeous. Shame it was so busy.


For lunch we had a booking a T-Rex. We’ve never eaten here before and it was quite the experience.


Lots of big dinosaurs and even more noise. Definitely not the place for a romantic meal.


The food, however, was delicious and Amy & I shared this yummy tri-coloured tortellini.


Instead of having a break we headed to Disney Quest, as the far end of Downtown Disney.


I did try to have a rest though as my arthritis was, unfortunately, rather bad today. The girls and Kevin went on this ride. Then the girls designed (and rode) their own roller coaster – which is what they had really wanted to do here. In amongst all this Amy realized she had lost her phone…. luckily is was till on the ride.


At 4.30pm we headed to the car, drove and monorailed to the Magic Kingdom for…..


First up we went to meet some Princesses….

IMG_3754.jpg IMG_3756.jpg IMG_3758.jpg

then the main man mouse himself…. the star of the show….MICKEY MOUSE!!!!


We rode Pirates and then had dinner at Pinocchio’s Village Haus- flat bread pizza (yep, pizza two nights in a row!). Rather delicious.


By now the day crowds had left and only the party goes remained (gee, never thought I’d refer to myself as a party goer :-)). We rode the carousel….


and Peter Pan….


Then headed to the Castle Forecourt for the “celebrate the season” show which was very cute.


Doesn’t Cinderella’s Castle look amazing?



We then rode the Haunted Mansion and It’s a small world.


Before heading back to Main Street for Celebrate the Magic – projections on the castle. Love it!


And then the Holiday Wishes fireworks show. Just magical (even with Christy whinging that she couldn’t see).



We then headed up Main Street, getting some free cookies on the way (never did get the free cocoa) …


and finding a prime viewing spot for the parade.


We had a bit of wait but finally Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmastime Parade began… and it was truely magical.







After the parade Kevin and I found some rocking chairs (yep, you read that right) to “rock” in while the girls headed off for one last ride on Space Mountain. We then left the park and caught the ferry (the line for the monorail was VERY long) to the transport center and walked the short distance to our car (the line for the trams was long too). So we had a pretty speedy exit from the park which was very much appreciated by my weary body. We were back home and in bed by 12.30am. I had a cup of tea and read a few blogs before going to sleep around 1am.

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  1. You may have had a slow start to the day,but you certainly fitted a lot in. The girls looklike they’re having fun xx

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