Day 11 – Walking around the world

We were up and out the door to EPCOT in time for opening again today. As we headed to Mission Space we saw that Test Track was open (official opening is not for a few more days) so we quickly headed over there.


This is been totally revamped since we were last here and you now start by designing your own vehicle. This is Kevin and Amy’s.


And this sparkly one was Christy’s design.


The ride is still pretty cool. The best part outside, is just the same. The girls loved it when the car went so fast and I’m pretty sure I’ve got some funny video of our hair going everywhere.

After this we went to Mission Space. Kevin and I opted for the green (less motion) mission. We’ve both done Red before and will never do it again. They don’t provide vomit bags for no reason.


However, one inside I had a panic attack at the enclosed space and wanted to get out. Luckily Kevin suggested I close my eyes, which I did while imaging outside spaces. Funny how things have changed – 8 years ago I wasn’t bothered by this at. Anyway, after a while I did open my eyes and the screen was showing things in the distance so I was able to watch and be okay. The girls loved the red ride and can’t understand what all the fuss was about.


We then headed to the Universe of Energy. Still cute but really does need an update. We actually thought that of quite a few of the attractions, esp. ones showing really antique computers.


By now World Showcase was open so we started our walk around the world. It was such a gorgeous day out and such a beautiful place.


Our first country was Mexico.


Where we had some sombrero fun. When I came to the USA as a child I really wanted one but wasn’t allowed (instead I got a stuffed poodle) so it’s a bit of family joke.

IMG_5840.jpg IMG_5844.jpg

We went on the ride, which is a bit like a Small World.


Then outside we got to meet Donald!!


Next on our journey was Norway. It was so beautiful but I don’t seem to have many photos.


We rode Maelstrom (which I thought was a little lame) and Kevin bought this hat.


We had decided to try food from most countries, which we had desert first. Both of these Norwegian pastries were to die for. SOOO good.


We walked on to China, where we watched a movie about the country.



On our way to Germany we came across a man making these amazing glass ornaments. I bought this snowman and a mickey head (engraved with 2012).


Then Germany – can’t believe we’ll be in the real one in April. There was nothing vegetarian to eat here so we just browsed the shops…


and moved onto Italy. We did find pizza here but it was crazily expensive.


So we walked on to Japan.



where we managed to find some amazing udon noodles – which Amy and I shared. Kevin has sushi and Christy had some rice.


We continued our adventure to Morocco.


Aren’t all the building just amazing? You really do feel like you could be in the various countries.


Christy and I heard about how Moroccan’s celebrate their holidays and Christy even got some dance lessons.


Here we bought a falafel wrap to share. Yum. I’ve missed my falafels.


We also shared the almond baklava, which was SOOO good.


As we neared the end of our trip around the world we visited France – where we saw a movie about the country.


We would have bought a french pastry but the line was too long. We headed back to entrance, making a brief stop in the UK for Amy to buy some shirts for her friends.


I then had 15mins all to myself while the other three rode Spaceship Earth one last time. I have to confess I really did enjoy the peace of that 15mins :-).


We went home via the supermarket to pick up something for dinner. We got some spring rolls, potato bake and mashed sweet potato. It might not look too appetizing but it really did taste amazing.


2 Comments to “Day 11 – Walking around the world”

  1. By Vanessa, December 7, 2012 @ 8:05 am

    Hi Libby,
    EPCOT looks amazing and in so many of the photos your family look like the only ones there.
    A mexican Donald Duck – now that is not something you see every day.
    Tell Kevin that hat he bought really suits him. He looks Polish. LOL
    I am loving your blog posts. I am so jealous.

  2. By Paola, December 7, 2012 @ 11:32 am

    Thanks for the trip around EPCOT – it brings back a lot of great memories!! All those country pavilions were so well done.