Day 12 – 20th Wedding Anniversary


Today marks 20 years that Kevin and I have been married. Crazy right? But honestly it just gets better every year.

We were up early today and off to the Polynesian Resort.


to have breakfast at Ohana’s.


The food was delicious. Everything is served family style by your “cousin”, starting with pineapple coconut bread – which was oh, so yummy. This was followed by a fruit plate. Then the main plate (minus sausages and bacon for us) and Mickey waffles. Everything was delicious but the eggs and potatoes (seasoned with salt, pepper and sugar!!!!!) were outstanding.

IMG_5964.JPG IMG_5965.JPG IMG_5973.JPG IMG_5974.JPG

Ohana’s is a character breakfast with Stitch….


Lilo, Mickey and Pluto….

IMG_5971.JPG IMG_5976.JPG IMG_5979.JPG

Following breakfast we headed to the Florida Mall for a fun day (at least for us girls) of shopping.


First stop….


were we all made our very own bag of m&m’s. Love the wall of colour.


We visit quite a few stores…..




Had the girls Santa photos taken. Amy was such a good sport.


And we had a first golden spotting of the trrip (two in fact).


Lunch consisted of an amazing Peppermint Shake from Godiva and a rice salad from the food court.

IMG_6030.jpg IMG_6032.JPG

More shopping…. another trip to Bath & Body Works….


New suitcases (bought for Germany and to transport our shopping home) from Macy’s…


A new build a bear for Amy and clothes for hippo for Christy.


And lastly a visit to Sephora.


I think Christy was glad when it was all over.


We headed back home for a short rest (we’d been at the mall from 10am – 3.30pm) before heading back out to the Grand Flordian Resort.We arrived just as the fireworks were going off at the Magic Kingdom.


Oh, boy, the lobby has to be seen to be believed. Just check out the size of the tree! And there was a live band playing.


We were here to have dinner at…



A character meal with Prince Charming, who was most charming and insisted on having a photo with me since it was my wedding anniversary.

IMG_6079.JPG IMG_6080.JPG

We then met the lovely Cinderella…


and her step-sisters and step-Mum… who were rather funny….

IMG_6095.JPG  IMG_6084.JPG

I must admit my dinner doesn’t look much (and I served it on a kids Mickey plate just because I could) but everything was so delicious.


Desert was equally yummy but I didn’t eat too much of it.


After dinner we had a look around the resort and checked out the gingerbread house (so big it serves as a shop). We had wanted to buy some gingerbread but it was all covered in chocolate so we didn’t bother.


We finished our visit with a family photo in front of the tree.


8 thoughts on “Day 12 – 20th Wedding Anniversary

  1. Hi Libby, congratulations to you both on your 20th wedding anniversay. Looks like you all had a great day. Wow, the christmas tree in the lobby is amazing! I love following along on your holiday through your blog.

  2. Happy anniversary Libby and Kevin!

    Let me just say, I am not a shopper – so this post wasn’t written for me.

    But I wanted to leave a comment to say the colour Amy is wearing looks great on her! I had my ‘colours done’ by a professional colour consultant a couple of years ago and it was best $200 dollars I spent cos now I know exactly which colours work for me and which ones to steer clear of.

  3. Happy Anniversary Libby & Kevin. The fact you can say it keeps getting better is wonderful, Libby.

    Love the photo of the girls with Santa. Agree with Linda J above, that Amy looks great in the eggplant/purple colour.

    I am really enjoying “travelling”along with you, but you must be exhausted as you seem to pack so much into each day! Bring on the cruise for a bit of relaxtion!

  4. Happy Anniversary! <3

    That's a lovely photo of the four of you outside the restaurant. I'm loving your daily updates. Do think you should come to the UK again though 😉

  5. Happy Anniversary. Hope that the next 20 years are even better.
    I too love the purple colour on Amy, she looks really great in it.

    We too loved the Grand Floridian at Christmas time. Decorated beautifully. You really didn’t miss anything not getting the gingerbread. We didn’t even end up eating more than a bite each, it wasn’t very good.

  6. Happy Anniversary guys. Rhianna has been reading along with me this morning and was gobsmacked at your pictures of m and m world. hope there is one in LA. I thought my looked wonderful in that plum top too and was she wearing a little bit of make up? If she was it looked lovely. Can’t wait to see what you bought at Sephora. I spent a lot of time in that storein New York. great place to get presents for special people back home.

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