Day 14 – Movies and packing

Woke up to a very foggy morning.


I played on the computer and painted my nails (with one of my new polishes).


While we waited to see what the weather was going to do I did a bit more packing and we enjoyed some bagels for breakfast. Though still a bit cool we decided at 11am to head to Wet ‘n’ Wild. We’ve never been here before and all got rather excited when we saw all the big slides….until Kevin saw the closed today sign…. what on earth??? Christy was not impressed. We still might be able to come on our very last day as it’s right beside Universal.


So we headed back home to change out of our swimmers and have some of those delicious berries.


And headed back to Downtown Disney….


to go see a movie…..


Kevin wanted some Wetzel’s Pretzel and I spotted the shop next door selling peppermint iced chocs. I got one and the girls got ice-creams which we sat outside to enjoy. However I didn’t get very far into my drink (which was nice but I think too sweet) before I started feeling sick.


Time for our movie. We all loved this. So clever. Not your traditional Christmas movie (as it’s set at Easter) but it does feature Santa…. and a hot guy (if you ask Amy). Oh, and the popcorn was really yummy (free refills on the large size too).

IMG_3867.jpg IMG_3894.jpg

After the movie we went back to Disneyquest.


While Christy went to design her own roller coaster again I had a tea and we shared this very cute (carrot) cupcake. Nice but rather rich as we didn’t finish it.


We then played some games – yep, even me :-).


And went on a few pretty groovy rides. It was certainly a very fun way to went our time at Disneyworld.

IMG_3885.jpg  IMG_3887.jpg

Just after 5pm we headed home (we had to drag the girls away).


We stopped for a last dinner at Taco Bell and Kevin presented me with this sauce.


We then returned home for the last time for the fun job of final packing and tidying of the apartments. Luckily we were all done by 7.30pm and able to have a bit of relax time before going to bed. I’m sad this part of the trip is all over but an equally excited for the next part.

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