Day 15 – We touched the moon

We were out the door and had the car all packed up just after 7.30am. Our first stop today was the IHOP we spotted last night. Trying to take the girls to as many iconed US places as we can.


I had a veggie ommelet and side of hash browns. Both were delicious but the hash browns were amazing.



We had a lovely waitress here and she even got me a cup of tea to go.


Then we left Orlando and headed towards Cape Canaveral.


This was definitely a Dad’s day – the Kennedy Space Center.



I had prebooked a tour that took you inside the VAB (Vehicle Aseembly Buidling) and out to see two of the launch pads. Kevin really enjoyed it (the girls and I not so much).


The VAB is 59 stories high and has the largest handpainted US flag in the world – the stripes are as wide as a car diving lane!



Even though Kevin got a lot more out of this than we did it was still amazing to see the size and scope of all the equipment.



We enjoyed seeing the Saturn 5 and Christy, in particular, really enjoyed the presentations in this buidling.



And we got to touch the moon and see a lot of real life space exhbits.


We had lunch at the Moon Rock Cafe.


I had the garden burger which was very yummy but I really miss salad on my burgers.

IMG_6193.JPG IMG_6194.JPG

I also snapped this picture of my gorgeous girl. Yep, she’s still wearing her tiara :-).


From here we caught the bus back to the main area. We were lucky enough to be able to see the space shuttles bottom before the building is all closed up (this exhibit will be opened on the 4th July next year).


IMG_6205.jpg IMG_6206.jpg

Here’s some photos I found from our last visit here…Kevin is 50kg lighter and the baby on my chest is as tall as I am!!!

p1010290 p1010275

We checked out a few more exhibits, Christy had a play and we left about 3.30pm.



It was a 35min drive to our motel at Cocoa Beach.


It’s a nice enough room, just not quite as spaceous as we’ve become used it.



But the view helped make up for any shortcomings.


Almost as soon as we arrived Christy and I were headed out the beach. Yep, that’s our motel.


Christy had a swim, then played in the sand while I soaked up the lovely afternoon sun.


Christy then wanted to swim in the pool, which she did, even though she said it was boiling! We’re not used to pools being heated, esp. in warm weather areas.


We finally headed back to the room just as the sun was setting.


Both girls had baths, so Kevin and I went out to get some dinner. After a quick stop at Publix, we went to Subway, only to find they didn’t have veggie patties, so after getting dinner for Kevin & Christy, I ran back into Publix to pick up an Amy’s frozen dinner for Amy & myself (and some plastic forks) as we had a microwave in our room. We then settled down for the night, watching some TV or playing on our electronic devices. I’m pretty sure we were all asleep by 9.30pm.

8 thoughts on “Day 15 – We touched the moon

  1. that’s how I felt at Kennedy too- it was interesting, but I was more excited by seeing wild pigs and alligators out the bus windows 🙂

  2. One Of the nicest photos of Amy I’ve seen,will have to get a copy.Enjoy your cruise, I know you will. Xx

  3. Yes, Cape Canaveral was definitely Dad’s Day Out, but we all enjoyed it. I bet we went to the same Publix at Cocoa Beach too. We spent ages in there checking out American groceries.

  4. What a great trip down memory lane for me! Just doesn’t seem that long ago that we visited NASA with you, Kevin and baby Amy. I am really enjoying ‘holidaying’ with you. I don’t always comment but I love reading about what you are doing each day. 🙂

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