Day 17 – An injury at sea

Day 16 – An injury at sea

Kevin and I were still awake around 6am.  We didn’t have to rush anywhere since it was sea day but eventually I was motivated to get dressed and go and get a cup of tea and one my beloved chocolate donuts – which I sat outside and enjoyed. It was a lovely way to start the day.


We woke the girls up just after 8am and when everyone was ready we headed to breakfast at Windjammers. I LOVE the potatoes that are served for breakfast. YUM!!!

The girls then headed off to their activities and Kevin and I went for another exploration of the shops (where I got a new watch) and the photo gallery. Eventually we made our way back to the cabin where we got changed into our swimmers, met Christy and headed to the pool. Amy was in a bit of a mood so didn’t join us – she went back to the teen club.

Christy and I enjoyed a swim in the pool. It was cool when you got in but you quickly got used to it.


Kevin opted for the spa so I thought I should join him. Unfortunately on my way I slipped and fell hard on my left knee (and I was walking very slowly and carefully). I sent Kevin off to get some ice to help minimise any swelling.


I rested for a while before we went back to the room to changed for lunch. We managed to get Amy to join us (though she was still grumpy) and we had lunch at Windjammers.IMG_6354.JPG
The girls once again headed off to their kids activities and Kevin and I went back to our cabin, where he had a nap and I sat outside writing up yesterday’s blog post.

At 3pm Christy returned and we went to the ice rink to watch the ice skating show. It was cold in here and we’d left all our really warm jackets in the car so Kevin ended up going to buy a new jumper. The show as really good. So amazing what they could do with such a small rink. Christy was really glad she’d missed kids club to come and see it.


After the show she headed back to kids club for a bit and we went back to our room. I spent a bit more time on the balcony, then had to get ready for formal night.


We ended running late for dinner (again) – 5.30pm is just a bit too early – so didn’t have time for any portraits but we snapped a few as we raced into the dining room.
Amy and I have been disappointed in the vegetarian options in the main dining room. She had the pasta for the second night in a row while I ordered a baked potato and some vegetables. Sounds plain and boring but it was delicious.


Our assistant waiter made this cute little napkin bird for Christy. Then our main waiter proceded to give all the girls instuction on how to make various towel animals.

Nothing on the desert menu appealed tonight so I go the cheese & fruit plate. I ate most of the cheese – but there were no crackers to be seen :-(. Kevin enjoyed his nightly nightcap.
After dinner the girls left us again and Kevin & I went to play Music Trivia. Tonight was love themes and we didn’t do too well, only scoring 11 out of 20.

My knee was getting VERY sore by now and it was getting hard to walk so we decided to head to the theatre early and wait for the show.


While waiting we enjoyed some mocktails/cocktails. I got my favourite Virgin Pina Colada – yum!

The show was fabulous and the singing and dancing amazing. We really enjoyed this and it was worth staying out till 9pm – which is pretty late for us.


Afterwards we headed back to the room and I got there (Kevin had gone for tea for me) just as Christy arrived back at 10pm.


I said goodnight to her and got myself organised and into bed. My knee was very sore so I wasn’t sure how well I would sleep.

And since we have two rooms, you get not one….


but two towel animals…. I know how much you love these on our last cruise….


3 thoughts on “Day 17 – An injury at sea

  1. I have not long ago found your awesome blog and U Tube videos and this trip looks amazing…My sil and family are doing something similar but with New York as well leaving next week! I hope your knee is better real soon and it doesn’t hold you up! Loving reading about your travel journeys…I love travelling and scrapbooking.

  2. Love the dinosaur! Hope the knee doesn’t give you too much trouble, Libby.

    Enjoying reading along again – what is Kevin’s nightcap?

  3. Oh Libby I hope that knee heals up quickly. Have you mentioned what ship you are on. I know it is Carnival but am unsure of the ship name. The shows look amazing and so very professionally done. I love the pic of the three girls going out to the formal dinner. Your dresses are so nice.

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