Day 17 – Paradise Found

This morning started with our arrival in Labadee, Haiti. We were last here in 1999 and boy have things changed. But it still a very beautiful place.

We had breakfast in Windjammers before disembarking and heading to our adrenaline boat adventure. But after departing we came back to the dock as something was wrong with the boat. We were instructed to come back later in the day in the hope it could repaired.
We had 1.5 hours to our next planned activity. Kevin and the girls considered doing the hipline, until they found out it costs $85 per person (and lasts less than a minute)!!! The zipline was busy all day long though.


Instead we caught the tram to one of the swimming bays and had our first swim in the Caribbean in 8 years. Perfect temperature. Perfect view. Only problem here was rocks in the water but Christy and I just wore our Crocs in.. After our swim we lazied on the sun loungers (which are provided for you on the beach – in fact an attendant will get them and place them where you want them – sun or shade.).


Just before 11am we walked over the aquatic park. It’s really hard to avoid the sellers in the market place but unless you want to be talked into buying something, it’s the only way not to become engaged. Seems so rude and wrong to just ignore someone though. It wasn’t too bad though as they generally just called out hello and would like to look at this.

At the aquatic park we met up with Gerard, Jenny and their girls and everyone (except me because of my knee) had lots of fun on the inflatable slides & rafts.


I watched them for a bit then lay in the shade with an Island Special.


Kevin and Amy also got a drink when they returned and we all went to sit in the water and enjoy them.

Then it was time to have some lunch. Pretty good selections considering they had to bring everything off the ship.



We then headed back to check if our adrenaline boat ride was going and it was. This time we had a private tour. Kevin and Christy hadn’t been keen to go but we all had a ball and they were very glad I’d insisted we go.



Bascially it was a fast ride with stops to see & hear some points of interest like this shipwreck.
I loved being out on the water and we came back rather windswept. I’m still not used to dealing with long hair after a day of sea and wind!

After our trip it was time to get back on board and I decided I needed an ice cream. There is a free machine on board but I very rarely use.  After a day in the sun it really hit the spot. When we were finished eating there was quite the line at the machine so we weren’t the only ones wanting one.

The girls went off and we went back to our cabin. Kevin had a nap while I blogged. Internet is rather expensive but I figure you guys are worth it :-).

I then showed and tried to get all the knots out of my hair, put on some makeup and we raced off to dinner (late AGAIN). Amy was already there and we’d left Christy to finish getting dressed as she’d only just got out of the shower.

Dinner was more successful for Amy and I tonight we both enjoyed a very yummy spinach dip…


filled pasta…


and I had lovely pavlova for desert…..


We then split from the kids again and headed off to see a Illusionist.IMG_6424.JPG

Pretty impressive stuff. There were some thing we kinda guessed how he might have done them but some were pure magic and we were left quite speechless. Even Kevin was impressed.

We were both pretty tired tonight so headed back to our room (via a tea pick up) and to bed. I tried to wait up for Christy to check in after kids club but I was just too tired and went to sleep around 9pm. I did wake up when she called in but it was straight back to sleep.

My knee had still been pretty sore throughout the day but seemed to get better as the day went on. Hoping it will be good enough for our planned trip in Jamaica tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Day 17 – Paradise Found

  1. I love Labadee. The pier is so much longer now that the big ships go there bet you noticed a huge difference from when you were there last. We took school supplies to one of the vendors in the market (a nice young lady that said she would give them out to her kids and kids that she knows.) You seem to be enjoying Freedom of the Seas as much as we did.

    Sure hope that your knee feels better.
    Enjoying following along on your vacation. Think I need one now.


  2. Sounds like a gorgious day – can’t wait to get to the beach this summer…Here’s hoping the knee gets better fast – do they have any heatpacks on board the ship?

  3. Gosh it does look just gorgeous, what a jam packed fun filled day! Hoping your knee is better and a thank you from me for paying exxy internet just for us.

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