Day 18 – Welcome to Jamaica Mon


Kevin and I were awake about 6am. I worked on some blog posts. We had some room service delivered for breakfast.


The girls awoke around 9am (we let Amy stay up till 1am so she could attend a teen disco) and went off to have breakfast at Windjammers. I sat outside (in the shade) for a while until we arrived in Falmouth, Jamaica.


Just as we were about to disembark we were told we needed photo ID, so Kevin had to battle all the crowds and go back to get our passports (of course, they were never needed). When we finally got off the ship we set of to find our guide, which we did since he was holding a sign with my name on it.


I had booked a private tour with Real Jamaica Tours and not long after we set off in the mini bus, I got phone call from the lady I had corresponded with to welcome us to Jamaica – which I thought was a very sweet touch.

It was rather a long drive to our first stop but our guide/driver was very good about pointing out interesting things and I was honestly just happy to back in Jamaica – it is such a beautiful country. IMG_6450.JPG

Our first stop was to go river tubing down the White River. When we arrived there was a man doing tricks with fire who invited us for photos. We explained we had no money (smallest note we had was $20) but he was happy to have photos taken anyway.


Our river guide, Vivian (a guy so I’m not sure how it’s spelt) got us in our tubes and on our way.
This was just amazing. Fun, scenic, thrilling and relaxing. We all LOVED it. And Vivian sang lots of songs to us as we floated down the river. I’ll definitely share some video when we get home because it so amazing.

About half way we had a “tourist stop” for a photo and the opportunity to buy. The girls ended up buying a necklace each. Then got have a swing in the river.
WHile here another group arrived and with them a local dog swimming along. It was so funny to see. Later the dog took off down the river all by himself. When we set off again we saw him on the banks with a friend. Finally our trip down the river came to an end. This was honestly one of the best things I’ve ever done and when I come back to Jamaica (one day) I’ll be doing it again.

From here we drove to Dunn’s River Falls. It was much more crowded here and when I saw the actual size of the falls I got rather nervous about climbing them. Then we had to walk ALL the way down to the beach to start our climb up. Not easy when going down is the hardest with my knee. When I realised I didn’t have to climb the whole way I decided to at least do one section.
Which I did. And which was quite enough for me. With my sore knee and weak ankle (from a break 10 years ago) I wasn’t game to climb all the way. Amy did one more section and Kevin and Christy made it all the way to the top. Parts were just crazy and we actually saw one woman climbing holding onto a child less than one – which was just plain mad, and stupid.




It was getting on to 2pm so we asked our guide if we could have a stop for lunch, and he stopped at this cute little outdoor cafe.



There were enough vegetarian options for Amy and I, and bread for Christy. We loved how the receipt came with pictures. And do you like the prices? It looks so wrong doesn’t it? Christy was worried that it really cost that much. Actually it converted into just over $20 and feed five of us (including our guide).

We enjoyed our lunch. Amy had shared some sweet potato and had a corn cob each. The corn was very different to what we’re used to – much more chewy but it was still good.


After lunch we had the long drive back to the ship, getting held up in rather a lot of traffic (both cars and pedestrian) at markets near the dock. One thing I remember that stood out last time we were here was how well dressed everyone was – and it’s still the same. They might not have much money (most live in small one room houses) but they take pride in their appearance.
Once back through security and under the protection of Royal Caribbean (apparently the sellers in the shops just outside are particularly aggressive), we explored some of the shops and made a few purchases. Including this very beautiful tanzanite ring Kevin bought me for our 20th Wedding Anniversary. I love tanzanite and I had one before but the stone fell out. The three stones represent the past, present and future so very fitting for an anniversary ring.IMG_6479.JPG

We headed back on board at 5pm which didn’t give us long till dinner so we quickly got changed then headed to the dining room. Arriving early for the first time all week. Kevin decided to wear his new t-shirt so everyone would know he’d been to Jamaica :-).


Tonight I enjoyed Minestrone Soup and some Rissoto Balls (which were an entree I ordered for the main). For desert we shared birthday cake, as it was one of our table mates birthday (a few weeks ago).

IMG_6485.JPG IMG_6486.JPG IMG_6493.JPG

After dinner the girls went off as usual and Kevin & I went to play Name That ’80s tune. We did much better tonight and got 12/15.

We picked up a few supplies at the shop then went back to our room, though I ducked out to get a drink and cheese plate from Windjammers. I enjoyed my snack, painted my nails and wrote up todays blog entry.IMG_6497.JPG

4 thoughts on “Day 18 – Welcome to Jamaica Mon

  1. I am not at all surprised you did so well with the Name that 80’s tune game. 🙂 The river ride looks like so much fun! Glad you are having such a good time. Kevin looked so happy with his Smile Mon! shirt.

  2. Hi Libby

    I feel like I’m on holiday with you (just not quite the same though). I am so glad you have been able to update during the cruise.

    We are currently looking at a similar cruise for Dec/Jan next year to celebrate my 40th on the Allure of the Seas. I imagine it has fairly similar offerings to Freedome of the Seas. I might pick your brain on a few things once you are back.

    Enjoy the rest of your trip. Wishing you all a Very Happy Christmas.

    Regards, Jackie

  3. I’m wearing my tanzanite ring that Neil bought me in the Caribbean right now. I agree, it’s a very pretty stone.

    We didn’t go to Jamaica,but in Barbados and Antigua I also noticed how nicely dressed and put together the women were.

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