Day 20 – Mexican history and culture


We were able to have a bit of sleep in this morning – except I was up at 5am and Kevin about 6am. Oh, well. We went out just after 7am to get some tea and coffee. We also picked up some treats – mine I enjoyed on our deck while watching the sunrise. It was the perfect way to start the day.



At 8.30am I went to wake up the girls (who had just awoken). Christy wasn’t feeling the best so was going to hang in her room. But we had only been in Windjammers for 10mins when she showed up. I love the breakfast potatoes but try to get a balanced meal – I add skim milk for my protein.


After breakfast we headed to the flow rider for the girls and Kevin to have a go. Amy had done it with teen club (or whatever they call it). Everyone enjoyed it, though Kevin complained of a sore knee after a few spectacular wipe outs. One day I’d like to give it a go. More sore knee gave me a good excuse not to make a fool of myself on this occasion :-).




The kids and Kevin had a quick swim/spa.


Then we went back to our rooms so they could get changed and so I could organised to send away some laundry – as we’re all pretty much out of underwear.

Then it was time to ahead ashore for our Historical Island Tour of Cozumel (an island off mainland Mexico)l. It was so hot waiting for everyone to arrive (even in the shade) but once out in the open there was a breeze which kept things a nice temperature.


We boarded our bus and began our island tour. Our guide, Alex (I remember his name because we all were stickers with his name on it – which I thought was a clever idea), pointed out places of interest and told us lots of interesting facts. He had a great sense of humour too. Our first stop was a replica Mayan village.


Here were saw how traditional Mayan tortillas are made, and got a sample which was delicious.



We learnt about the Mayan people and the Mayan calendar (and how NASA scientists have studied it and it’s almost 100% accurate – but Kevin has his doubts so please don’t quote me on that). We saw inside a house. And learned how tequila is made from the blue agave plant before getting a sample.


I didn’t have any but we let Amy try it as it’s not every day you get to have tequila in Mexico. She said she liked it but I’m too sure after watching her face. Don’t worry she only got the smallest samples.


We got a drink and some Mexican chips to get as we were getting hungry.


From here we drove to the coast (on the other side of the island). Very pretty here.



Then it was on to some Mayan ruins – turned tourist trap.

The girls were given leaf grasshoppers, even when we told the young man we had no money (later we got some change, so found him to give a tip). They don’t charge, but do things for tips – not quite sure what the difference is but often they will give things, or allow photos even if you don’t pay – which I think is pretty neat. In most places if you don’t pay, you don’t get.


There were some shops here and while you are eagerly invited into each one they aren’t as pushy as expected. But pushy enough to put me off wanting to go in them.


We got a refreshing ice block here. It wasn’t the best but did the job.


Then it was back on the bus and back to the cruise terminal. Our 3 hour excursion had lasted almost 4.5 hours so we were rather hungry. We had smelt a Mexican place earlier this morning so we headed back there to get a hopefully authentic Mexican lunch.


It was sure was delicious. And rather different to what we get back home. And no Taco Bell (even though we enjoyed Taco Bell).



We then had to race back on board as Amy had a appointment at the spa for a scalp, neck and shoulder massage – which she had won playing Teen Bingo. I think she was very pleased to be the first one of us to ever use the spa services.


I spent some time working on my Smash album and Christy went to kids club, then later to the library to read!!!! We must have been too noisy.

Then it was time to have a quick shower and head to dinner. Once again we were not overly impressed with the menu but the company was good and we were amongst the last to leave the dining room – though Christy had headed off earlier to get ready for the kids club pajama party.




Amy also took off to the teen area and Kevin & I headed back to the cabin to relax as there was no show tonight. Amy popped in briefly to get ready for the Teen Prom Night – whatever that is.


2 Comments to “Day 20 – Mexican history and culture”

  1. By Vanessa, December 16, 2012 @ 7:40 am

    Hi Libby,
    That is an amazing photo of Christy between the two cruise ships. I was wondering if you let Christy move about the ship by herself as you mentioned that she went to the library to read. I ask because I am unsure whether to let Rhianna have her own cabin card next year on the Celebrity Millennium. Have you had any issues with the girls doing there own thing?
    I also love the photo of Kevin surfing. he looks like he is really enjoying your cruise.

  2. By Gail, December 17, 2012 @ 8:01 pm

    Sounds like it was a very full day. Hmmm, that tour sounds like an idea for us – our ship will be there on Christmas Day.