Day 23 – Touring Universal Studios

Though still a bit tired we felt much more refreshed this morning, and also knew we were in for a much easier day (with lots of sitting time during shows). We got up and ready and off to the boat for a day at Universal Studios. We arrived just on opening so headed right for Riptide Rock-It. A pretty new coaster with a vertical start. So fun. I went on once, Kevin twice & Amy (who was still not feeling the best) and Christy three times….before we told them it was time to move on.




We headed back towards the entrance to get some breakfast but found lots of characters to have photos with

.IMG_6906.jpg IMG_6909.jpg IMG_6911.jpg


IMG_6916.jpg IMG_6917.jpg IMG_6918.jpg

We then had some breakfast at the Patissere. Mine was surprisingly delicious.


Next was Despicable Me (which we had no idea was such huge movie here in the USA). This was really fun and Amy bought herself a minion t-shirt (as you’ll see her wearing in the rest of the photos).



Shrek in 4D (which we’ve seen numerous times) was next, but Kevin & I opted to sit it in the stationary seats as Kevin gets rather motion sick.


We then watched Twister. I remember being so excited to see this the first time (as I had REALLY loved the movie) and being very disappointed in this exhibit. Today was okay as I wasn’t expecting much :-).


Then came The Mummy. Another of my fav. movies (as I love Brenden Fraser) and this one did not disappoint. I had totally forgotten was a dark roller coaster so it was  fun suprise. The girls loved it too and after buying a few things in the shop, went to ride again.


Don’t you love my expression? 🙂


Kevin and I went across the road to Finnegan’s Irish pub which I had selected as our lunch spot. I was able to order for the girls so just after they got back, our lunch arrived.


There was some Irish Soda bread to start.


Then I had leek and potato soup and a basket of fried onion & potato strips. So naughty but SOOOO yummy.


With full bellies we headed off around the park.


We did a movie making thing which was really well done (so much better than the one at Hollywood Studios). I think this was pleasant surprise for all of us.


Next was Men in Black. So fun. I remember we really liked this last time. Not surprisingly the girls wanted to ride again.


I’m pretty sure we were concentrating not bored :-).


I got some popcorn and we did The Simpsons ride. One thing about Universal is that there a lot of simulator rides. Poor Kevin. He had to shut his eyes for most of this one.


We then headed into the kids area, where we rode ET and Christy had a ride/play on some other rides. The rest of us had a little break.


Then it was time to watch the Macy’s Parade. This was fun, and very different for us who have never seen the Macy’s parade. Best of all we only had to wait around 15mins.




After the parade we went to watch the Horror Makeup show. This was really great – so much better than we expected. And so funny. Amy really got a kick out of it.


Then our last show of the day – Terminator 3D. We loved this before and it was great again. Love how they have real actors as well as those on screen. Not sure how much the girls got though as they haven’t yet seen the movie.


One last little look in the shops, and we headed out not long before closing at 6.40pm. We decided to have dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe as Amy had expressed interest in eating there.


We had a really lovely last holiday meal. Kevin and Amy got some fun drinks.


And we all had a yummy meal. So sad we couldn’t take any leftovers with us.


Such a fun venue (they even played Bruce Springsteen). I’m sure we’ll be checking out more of them out now. Amy is such a music fanatic and really loved it here. Of course, she had to buy a top on the way out. Back to the boat and back to our resort and room.


Stopping to photograph the huge Christmas tree on the way. How gorgeous is that?


Amy went to have another bath and the rest of us got ready for bed. I did some packing, ready for our departure tomorrow. I think it was lights out for the girls (Christy was now starting to feel unwell) by 9pm and Kevin & I by about 10pm.

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