Christmas celebrations.

The internet is fixed but now i-photo is mucking up on my main computer – where I have already downloaded photos from Christmas Eve. We had a quiet one this year – which I was very grateful for – and just had Nan, Pop, Granny and our best friends, the Powells over for a catch up and some pizza.


It was also a pretty low key Christmas Day. Not surprising after our big trip. It was also the first year we didn’t have a visit from Santa, though he did deliver a few outfits for hippo – like this Eeyore costume.


The girls knew most of their presents already but we did manage to get a few surprises – like this artwork for Amy titled Soul Mates.


There were lots of toys and treats for the reindeers pups.



We had our traditional breakfast of French Toast.


Then later had lunch at Nan & Pop’s, where we were joined by my Aunt, Uncle and Cousins.


I must be photo-ed out after the trip as I took hardly any photos over Christmas.


But I did manage to get ONE family photo (though we’re missing the pups).


We had our usual hot lunch (veggie roast for me)…


with Christmas pudding and custard for desert.


I really didn’t need much after our trip but I’m very happy with what I did receive.


Boxing Day is now jammie day in our house. Can’t believe I started the day in Winter ones, but it was rather chilly overnight.


Nan & Pop came over at lunchtime. There was a game of blokus.


Leftovers for lunch.


We then watched the movie Brave and lazed about on the lounge… a bit like these two did earlier in the day.



Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. What did you get up to? Was it busy or relaxed?

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