The Week that Was

It was the week that began with a lovely (very slow) walk at the lake with Nan…


and it was the week I was happy to be out and about again….


It was the week of a trip to Sydney to see Amy’s eye specialist – she got a great report which is fabulous…..


and it was the week of a VERY slow trip home – thanks to this truck which had gotten stuck right across 2 lanes of traffic…


It was the week of a visit to IKEA….


where I only bought a few dishes and had a yummy lunch with Amy….


including this delicious gluten free desert that we shared (and made me thinks of Janelle at Nelbe Gluten Free.


It was the week I saw Kevin get some credit for his basketball photos…


and it was the week I got this in the mail as part of an online class I’m taking – such a lovely surprise since I didn’t think they were shipping internationally….


It was the week of a ridiculously hot Friday where the forecast was only 36…..44.1 degrees is about 110F!!!!


It was so hot the chickens were panting and I only left the house to go out and hose them down….


It was the week of a trip to Shellharbour Square where I discovered one of my fav. shops has now opened….


and it was the week I started work on our cruise videos….


It was the week I got to see my cousin Chris and wife, Mel and their cute little girl, Chloe, who reminded me a lot of Amy at that age….


and it was the week of green and then blue nails…


It was the week of amusing puppies….

IMG_4214.JPG IMG_4217.jpg

and some very odd behaviour from Rosie…


3 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. Thanks for thinking of me and that dessert looks yum! Wish my Ikea had that too. Well done to Kevin and your poor chooks, I have a friend who lost a couple of her chickens due to our extreme heat – not good at all. Glad you getting better.

  2. Lol at Rosie, she wasnt giving that up was she. Glad your up and about Libby. Bed Bath and Table is my favourite shop, Tess works there. Actually because we were there all the time and got friendly with the staff that’s how Tess got her job lol.

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