Travel Smash Book

I finally managed to finish the smash book I started on our trip. I’m so happy with the way it turned out (giving me a place to put all the bits and pieces I collected) and it was really fun to do some more relaxed scrapbooking. I also had fun annoying my family saying I was going to smash everything :-).


  1. Briget says:

    Libby, love the smash book. What a great way to keep all the bits pieces you collect as you travel. I usually bring them home and have great intentions to do something with them, but it never happens!

    What did you take with you to stick all the bits and pieces in?

  2. Jackie says:

    Hi Libby

    What a terrific idea. Something I think I will aim to do for our next trip at the end of the year, and especially since I will be celebrating a milestone birthday (40th) while we are away.

    If you don’t mind I will more than likely contact you about the details for the Cruise etc. I think we will book directly through RCI as so far I haven’t found any agents that have offerred significant discounts to the prices quoted by RCI. We have decided our itinerary will be LA (Disney), Hawaii, New York and then the Carribean Cruise departing from Fort Lauderdale. We are hoping to be away for 5 weeks which will be a nice break away. We are looking at being at Disneyland over Christmas and may look at staying at Disney’s Grand California Hotel. Can you let me know whether you have found any sites which offer discount room rates for this hotel? It does seem expensive, however I think it probably warrants the rates given the perks such as the extrance to California Adventure and the Magic Mornings. We can’t wait to visit Cars Land as this was still being built when were were there this time last year.

    I look forward to finding some time to view all your holiday videos. Unfortunately it was back to work on 7th Jan and it’s been absolutely manic. I know I have picked up a wealth of information from your videos and blog in the past, and I’m sure I’ll pick up some further tips through your trip videos.

    I also haven’t had a chance to wish you well for your recovery from your surgery. I hope you are feeling more like yourself and back to your usual routine.

    Wishing you and your family well for 2013.



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