The Week That Was

Sorry I’m late again with this. Monday was a public holiday and then it’s been back to school week :-(.

It was the week that we saw this gorgeous rainbow…


and it was the week I got the okay from the doctor to slowly get back into exercise. Alas I only got out on a few walks…


It was the week of Australia Day. We had a BBQ lunch then I went to the basketball with my Dad. Being Australia Day there was the singing of the national anthem – which used to happen at every game….


At half time there was a best dressed Aussie competition…


The poor Hawks…. our 2 top players suffered major injuries a few weeks ago and it look like we lost another one tonight :-(.


It was the week I realized the Iditarod isn’t that far away and got signed up for the Insider videos…..


and it was the week I saw how one of my photos is going to be used in a Scholastic book. My photo is the croc death roll….


It was the week of a wet, lazy Sunday spent in jammies on the couch watching Tony Robinson’s Time Walks Australia and Game of Thrones…


and it was the week of a softer pink on my nails…


It was the week of very humid weather and an arthritis flare and the week I can across this information – which is rather scary and has me researching the next step to help reduce my inflammation….


and it was the week of just one cute puppy photo….


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  1. Hi Libby
    So sorry haven’t answered your email yet.Will catch up soon. Love your nail polish colour. Best wishes on conquering your health concerns. Cute puppy as usual 🙂

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