A day in my life – 1st Feb, 2013

Since I’ve got quit a few blog posts to share (including a weekend in Sydney) I’m going to keep this brief.

Awake …. yep, 4.10am!!!!


Bailey likes to lie out for a bit first thing in the morning at the moment, even though it’s still dark out


At 6.30am the dogs and I headed out for a gorgeous morning walk to the lake.



This is little family of birds was so sweet. Aren’t the babies so cute?



Hot and sweaty upon our return. It’s been so humid this week.


The dogs came with me to wake up Christy and for some reason the dogs went on the bed for cuddles.



Time for breakfast. French toast for Christy. A slice of bread with cheese & a milo for me.


After Christy headed to school I went outside to tackle our outdoor area which is filthy after lots of wind a few weeks ago.


An hour of hard work later and things looked a whole lot better.


I listened to Bruce as I worked.


Time to go have a bath – not something I normally do during the day but it felt right today. Enjoyed with a cup of tea and YouTube.


Time for some makeup while watching a video about the evils of sugar. Scary stuff indeed.


I then worked on uniform shop acconts.


and hung out the washing. Undercover as it looks rain is on the way.



Can you believe the felt like temp? Yep, it’s supposed to be the first day of Feb – traditionally the hottest month of the year.


Throughout the morning I kept going out to turf this girl off the eggs – she wants to be a mama. We don’t normally get to pat them so I know she was keen to stay where she was.


At 12.30pm I put on a jacket as it had turned quite cool and dropped by the school to get some cheuqes signed.


I then headed to the hairdressers before running a few errands. Unfortunately the rain began during the 10mins I was inside the shopping center and, of course, I had parked outside today, so I got rather wet on the way back to the car… ruining my nice straight hair :-(.



Back home there were 2 puppies happy to see me.


I had to get changed because I was wet. And my hair still managed to look alright when it dried off. I’m still debating going shorter but have put off making a decision for another cut at least.



I relaxed a bit and ate some rice paper rolls.


Before I knew it it was 3pm and time to do the school run.


Then back home for afternoon tea with the girls.


I then decorated the house for Valentine’s Day – I’ll share all my decorations at a later date.


And painted samples of the polishes I bought in the USA (yep, still hadn’t done it yet).


Usually the girls go to Nan’s for dinner on Friday nights but they were home tonight so I made nachos for everyone.


Yum. Enjoyed while watching Glee.


Later we enjoyed a sweet treat (trying to get them out of the house before I embark on a sugar free challenge).


I painted Christy’s nails for her.


Bailey got wrapped up in a blanket.



And for some reason Christy, Rosie and I ended up on the floor while watching Glee (got 3 episodes watched tonight). It was so cold we were all in Winter jammies. Crazy!!!


Headed up to bed about 9.30pm and read a bit of Sweet Poison on my kindle before going to sleep.

2 thoughts on “A day in my life – 1st Feb, 2013

  1. I can’t believe you wake up at 4am. i get up at 7am and feel like a zombie by 9.30pm. I am in awe. it sure does give you lots of time to get things done. I love the look of that bath, real “me” time I’m sure. i’m voting for keeping your hair long, I really like it. Have a great week.

  2. Libby you have a better colour selection than my nail shop. Isnt sweet poison interesting, this week I also got Sarah Wilson’s cookbook I quit sugar which is really good.

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