Weekend Away in Sydney – Sunday

After a relaxed morning we checked out of the hotel around 9am and headed across the road to have breakfast at Gloria’s. Yum.



Christy had spotted these water balls yesterday and was keen to have a go. Kevin joined her.


They had lots of fun but as you can tell it was very hard to run on the water :-).


We then caught the monorail (possibly for the last time as it is being pulled down mid-year 🙁 ) into the city center.


First stop was Myer to the Illamasqua stand so I could get a new foundation (the one I got in Sephora was WAY too light for me).


Half done – it looked good in the shop!



We then went through the Strand – love this building so much.



Lots of lovely Valentine’s decorations.


And of course a visit to Haigh’s. I was very good and only got 4 mandarin creams.


Then across the road to Kevin’s fav shop – the Apple store.


While there I discovered there is a Wagamama’s not far away.


so we headed their for lunch as it’s one of the Birthday boy’s fav. places.


We again shared some dishes. Amy wasn’t too impressed but Kevin and I loved it all.

IMG_7681.JPG IMG_7685.JPG IMG_7686.JPG

And of course Kevin was esp. pleased to see bananas on the dessert menu.





I was too full for any but Amy said this sundae was yummy.


After lunch we caught the monorail back to Darling Harbour, collected our car and headed home. We had a really fabulous family weekend which was great because with a teenager and tween you never quite know what you’re going to get :-).

I’m still hoping to upload the video I took (as quite a bit was missed in the photos).

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  1. We often go for a weekend in the city. Its such a great getaway with so many things to do. Next time you guys should do the walking chocolate tour. I’m sure you’d love it. Oh, I just realise you are giving up sugar. Maybe I’ll do the chocolate tour and send you some photos. LOL

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