Foodie Friday


I seem to have spent a fortune on food this week (but things were a little run down I guess). I actually did 3 seperate shops this week.

Woolworths on Satudary, Aldi on Tuesday….


and Coles for my big shop on Thursday.

IMG_7749.JPG IMG_7750.JPG IMG_7751.JPG IMG_7762.JPG

So how is my sugar free challenge going? I’m pleased to report it’s going well. I find I’m not enjoying sweet things like tinned pineapple (in juice) which I’ve always loved. And I tend to feel full a lot quicker. Most of the time I’m not bothered that I can’t eat sweets but I do miss baking. I tried to make a new healthy choc cake today but it was a big fail. On the negative side my arthritis is as bad as ever (due to the humidity) but on the plus side I lost 2kg last week :-). I’ve got 4 more days to go and will then make some decisions as to how I proceed.

Breakfast this week…. By pure chance I made a protein pancake on Tuesday….


Fried egg on toast….


Veggie scramble with toast…


and French Toast made by Christy…


I made some Lentil Soup which I know doesn’t look the best but I promise it tastes amazing…


And there were afternoon teas with the girls. The watermelon this week has been the best all year.



Dinner included…. Quorn fillet,mashed potato, mushroom and brussel sprouts…


Quorn Bolognase…


Santa Fe Casserole… again doesn’t look the best but tastes great….


We had one dinner flop. I made mushroom sauce (which I’ve made before) over pasta. Not sure if it was the wholemeal pasta (first time trying this) or because I missed the chicken stock cube from the sauce. I’m thinking it was the pasta.


There was also a special Valentine’s Dinner of Yorkshire Pudding and Roast Veggies.

Oh, and if you want to see the video I made BEFORE starting the no-sugar challenge, I finally managed to get it uploaded (yay!!!)

Linking up with what am I eating.

Tell, me did you have any outstanding success or failure in the kitchen this week?

5 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. I have a question, what is Quorn? I’ve never heard of it. Is it an animal or is it a vegetarian product? I’m just curious is all. It looks yummy in your pictures.
    I did try a new recipe this week called brown sugar meatloaf. My family hasn’t ever really liked meatloaf, so I’ve been trying to find a recipe that they would enjoy. It was a big success! I got the recipe from all My hubby even asked me to make it again so he could have meatloaf sandwiches in his lunch. So I made it twice this week.
    Have a great day Libby!

  2. I’m enjoying these foodie Friday posts, Libby! You’re right, it’s hard to get an appetising shot of lentil soup isn’t it? My kids call lentil soup “jail soup”, but they like it all the same!
    The biggest hit of the week this week has been the Peach Melba I made for dessert for Valentines Day. Everyone appreciated that. Good going with the sugar free diet too. I’ll be interested to hear it goes.

  3. Wish I could eat Quorn products! They look like a great source of protein. Lots of yummy looking meals there. Love the brussel sprouts and mushrooms – how do you cook the brussel sprouts? I have to try that Lentil Soup too, looks very yummy.

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