The Week that Was

What? I’m actually posting this on MONDAY!! Go me :-).

It was the week of gorgeous morning walks…. on days when my arthritis was manageable….



It was the week of Christy’s swimming carnival….


in which she placed last (as expected) but actually swam really well (since she has swam that far in a whole year)….


It was the week my new Enjo supplies turned up and the week I did a full house clean in one day (it’s been over 6 months since I managed that)…..


It was the week of a trip to the vet for Rosie (of course Bailey had to come along in the car) to get a cyst checked (all okay)….


and it was the week I got my Bruce Springsteen ticket in the mail (so excited)….


It was the week I got jealous seeing all the great kids craft you can now buy….



and it was the week Christy and I went to the basketball and watched a great win by the Hawks….


It was the week Amy made Valentine’s cookies to take for friends at school…


and the week Christy covered all her school books with her favourite photos….


It was the week of soft pink nails….


then red nails…it’s actually more of pinky red in real life….Love is a Racket – quite appropriate for Valentine’s Day….


It was the week Bailey ended up with gravy on his head after putting his head in the dishwasher…


and the week Rosie spent forever trying to get the last bit of nut butter out of her dish….


4 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. Just read your post to Rhianna as she has her swimming carnival on Friday and is “freaking out” about winning her races. Nice to hear that Christie was proud of herself for finishing her race. Nice little lesson for my daughter. Thanks.

  2. Hi Libby
    Hope this finds you well. Dogs are as cute as ever. I envy you your lakeside walks. The views are very pretty, especially early morning. 🙂

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