Foodie Friday

First up an update on my 2 week sugar free challenge

To sum it up in case you don’t want to watch the video – it didn’t help at all with my arthritis (as hoped) but I did lose 2.5kg. The best thing, however, is I really have no desire to eat anything sweet. And my appetite and desire for food is greatly reduced. I really happy I did the challenge and proud of myself for completing it. I’m going to stick with sugar free on a day-to-day basis but will no doubt have a treat or two at special events/occasions. I mean, I can’t see myself never having a cupcake or some chocolate EVER again, even though at the moment I have no desire for it.

This week involved a HUGE grocery shop.


And since my uploaded speed with YouTube is now half decent, I did a grocery haul video for you this week.


On the menu this week. Breakfast included cheese on toast (which I had a real craving for).


French Toast and a green mango smoothie.


Pear (sugar-free) pancake.


Toast with marmalade.



Lunches included Thai takeaway – just one veggie spring roll for me.



and some homemade ice cream for desert.


Most days I had my usual salad but one day I enjoyed a wrap by the pool.



And I also had lunch at a cafe with my best friend, Leanne.


Dinners included Mushroom Risotto.


Taco (TVP) Salad


Quorn burger, sweet potato and veggies.


Creamy Quorn Curry


Bolognase Vol A Vents


Snacks included healthy carrot cookies (recipe from Heather’s Whole Food Kitchen class) – which were actually rather nice and I will definitely be making again).


There were cheese and crackers and a gorgeous plum.


I did also enjoy a Hot Cross Bun (yep, it’s got some sugar but I enjoyed this AFTER my challenge ended).


And spotted (with a squeal of excitement) and bought but not yet eaten – Choc Orange Tim Tams. If you’ve been around here long enough you’ll know how much I love orange chocolate. One day …  for a treat with friends.


Tell me, did you find anything squeal worthy in the supermarket this week?

3 thoughts on “Foodie Friday

  1. Yum. It all looks so tasty. Well done on completing your challenge! I’ve never heard of Tim Tams, but I do love orange chocolate too! We don’t get many options in the UK, I think the most common one is Terrys Chocolate Orange that you can get in a bar now. Enough now, it’s making me want to break all the rules and get one!

  2. Hi again
    Congratulations on your success Libby. Your skin looks lovely. They say sugar is bad for our skin. So lovely, clear skin is obviously an added benefit. 🙂

  3. Just out of intrest how much do you spend a week on groceries? My husband gives me a cash housekeeping and I battle to stick to it. I run out of money each shop so have to really think twice about what I get. Just wondered what the average family of 4 spends?

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