The Week that Was

It was the week of lovely weekday walks….



before a wet, wild and crazy weekend…..see how full the pool is?


It was the week we visited another potential high school for Christy (as you can see we go back again tonight for the info night)….


and it was the week I cleaned our bathroom from top to toe and reorganised my makeup brushes….


It was the week I drove up to Sydney for a girls day out with Leanne. Sunny on the way up….



Rainy on the way back….


We saw Safe Haven, which we both really enjoyed, had lunch out and did a bit of shopping. Bed, Bath & Beyond have their Easter display but I was very good and only bought a few things (until I check exactly what I already have)….



We also marvelled at all the Doctor Who stuff in the ABC Shop …. Amy would want to buy everything…


It was the week Kevin wanted to visit the Max Brennar Chocolate Bar….


Not the best for a girl trying to be sugar free but I did enjoy the fondue I shared with Amy…


and look….I need not worry…. Chocolate is a healthy addiction 🙂


It was the week I got this gorgeous new table runner from Big W….


and these colourful placemats and chopsticks from Target…



and it was the week I found a new teapot… perfect colour and perfect size….


And it was the week of the pups making themselves VERY comfortable for their snooze time….




He was actually asleep like this for ages….




4 thoughts on “The Week that Was

  1. Love the new teapot.

    Bailey is a character, but so cute. Can’t believe he could actually sleep in that position though.

  2. I saw that teapot in Target and thought of you but I wasn’t sure it was big enough. I thought maybe it was just a one cup pot and I know how you love your tea. 🙂 Also I saw in Coles, big boxes of the Australian Afternoon Tea. There were 100 teabags in the box and it was only $7!!!

  3. Lovely blog, gorgeous dogs.

    The blue bowl in your bathroom is beautiful, could you share where it came from, I’d love one just like it.

  4. oh WOW, definitely give the montessori school serious consideration! i am a montessori guide and can give you info as needed. that made my day!!!

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