Foodie Saturday ??

Yep, missed Friday again. This week I blame it on having 2 videos plus the photos to upload. Plus I’ve been busy trying and reorganising my kitchen.

Anyway, on with the show.

This week started with the weekend of Amy’s party. We all know that involved pizza and ice cream cake. Sunday I ate the last of my indulgences. Then on Monday it was the start of an elimination diet. This is mainly for my inflammation/arthritis pain, but also for weight loss (since they are both highly related).

This means

No Gluten

No Dairy

No Soy

No Sugar

No corn

I’ve also been having no eggs this week. Basically I’ve been eating a whole foods diet with LOTS of veggies. Here’s a look at my grocery shop this week.



Breakfast has been a green brown smoothie made with frozen berries, homemade almond milk, ground flax seeds, chia seeds and slippery elm bark. Looks disgusting but tastes delicious.


Lunch was a salad with added seeds, hummus and something extra like chick peas, veggie bites or falafel (all gluten free, of course)





Dinners were pretty simple and straightforward as it’s been a bit of strange week. Next week I hope/plan to be more adventurous (esp, as my energy levels are already increasing and pain levels decreasing).




I didn’t do a lot of snacking but if I was hungry mid-afternoon I’d have some lentil soup, fruit or rice thins with hummus.


So how’s it all going?

I had my first challenge last at the basketball but I passed by having my dinner early (at 5pm) before we left and had a handful of nuts at half time. I did envy everyone eating popcorn and ice cream but just focussed on how good I’m going to feel :-). The diet isn’t the most family friendly so I’ve had to make seperate meals for the others, which I don’t really like. But if I succeed in achieving good health it will well be worth it. And as I said, I’m going to get more creative in the kitchen and hopefully come up with some family friendly meals. The goal at this stage is to eat this way for 3 weeks but we’ll see how I go.

3 thoughts on “Foodie Saturday ??

  1. libby this was really inspiring! i’ve been having some left-side what i think are muscular pain/possible inflammation issues. i’m trying to recommit to full vegetarianism (have taken a year off after nearly 6 years) but along with that also trying to cut out most gluten and processed veg products (mostly soy-containing ones, though i still eat tofu occasionally) like Tofurkey meat (which is SUPER good, unfortunately). i don’t have much of a sweet tooth so lucky there but must eliminate cheese. very hard. you’ve inspired me to put more of an effort in, my body really runs best on a similar diet to yours. best wishes to you on your journey! xo

  2. Wow Libby that food looks amazing. It is hard having to prepare separate meals for yourself and the the rest of the family though. I hope it brings you the relief you are looking for. At the very least you will be super duper healthy. What about your famous iced chocolates from GJ? I guess they are off the menu for a while? LOL

  3. Good luck with your exercise and diet Libby. I know you can suceed with these challenges. Best wishes.

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