A date with the Boss

Last night I had the fun of getting dressed up….


and battling the Sydney traffic….


to see this….



I arrived 1.5 hours before showtime so was able to watch the stadium fill up and chat with the lady beside me (who had come over from New Zealand and was going to EVERY concert – lucky gal).



As expected the concert was awesome. The very first I attended was when Bruce toured back in 1985. And honestly nothing much has changed – his energy is amazing.


This was my 4th time seeing Bruce. Last time was 9 years ago and I was lucky enough to be in row 10 on the floor. Such a shame we could take photos back then, and phones with cameras were just a fantasy :-).





It’s always a bit of trip down memory lane seeing Bruce. Him, and his guitarist Nils Lofrgren (in the hat) inspired me to learn the guitar (though I no longer play… couldn’t handle the short nails) and I was absolutely crazy about the whole band during my teenage years.


It was sad that 2 of the band members have died in recent years but Clarence Clemons’s nephew now plays sax for the band, which I think is so cool.


Bruce has always been famous for his long concerts but I heard they were shorter these days – usually 2 hrs, 40mins. Well they played for a solid 3 hours last night. Goodness knows how they all do it, but esp. Bruce. A true rock legend.


It was such a memorable night. One I can only hope will be repeated.

Do you have any bands/singers that you’ve loved since your teenage years?

3 thoughts on “A date with the Boss

  1. Sounds wonderful Libby, it’s wonderful music and brings back many teenage memories lol Im going to Rodriguez next Sunday night in Brisbane it’s a favourite of Tony’s. My favourite band is Pink Floyd and the funny thing is I hated The Wall when it first came out didnt get into it until I was about 18.

  2. Good for you Libby. sounds like you really enjoyed yourself. I adore Fleetwood Mac, would love to see them in concert.

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