The Week that Was

It was the week of morning lovely morning walks….




though I’ve not been going till around 8am because it’s been COLD….


It was the week of a rather busy (and fun) weekend for me…starting with the Bruce Springsteen concert on Friday night…


a basketball game on Saturday night –  with a special farewell to one of the players (Glen Saville) and a great win (which sees the Hawks through to the semi-finals)…

IMG_0291.JPG IMG_0293.JPG

then on Sunday we headed up to Sydney for a lovely family day – lunch out and seeing the musical The Addams Family…which we all enjoyed…



The very beautiful Capitol Theatre. Inside is just glorious but it was too dark to get a decent photo. Amy (Dr Who fan) was freaking out about all the statues!


It was the week I took this photo of Christy modelling her pandora bracelet….



and it was the week I finally managed to photograph this cute sign that we pass on the way up to Sydney…




It was the week some trees were removed behind our house…which means I can now see houses… luckily they are pretty far away…


And it was the week I caught Kevin sorting out the junk mail…. he wanted to read some of the ones I had discarded…



It was the week Christy got some new roller blades as her current pair had gotten to small…


and it was the week I got an order from Kora Organics….

It was the week I created this manicure…which I LOVE… but boy is glitter polish a pain to get off….


And it was the week of Bailey in strange positions… though that happens every week…..

IMG_4767.jpg IMG_4793.jpg

Did your week have any highlights you’d like to share?

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  1. We had some wonderful highlights this week. We sold our house and we did a family photo shoot out in the snow for the last time.

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